La Salle School of Architecture participates in the International Conference and Chapter Meeting



La Salle School of Architecture, with students Anna Vila, Marina Soler, Jaume Pla and Sergi Marzo,  will attend the Conference and Chapter Meeting that will have place in Girne/Kyrenia (Cyprus) from the 26th September to the 2nd October, organized by the American Institute of Architects EUROPE (AIA), under the theme Communicating Across Cultures | Past, Present & Future.

During these days, 5 teams of 5 students from different universities (Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic and Spain), will develop a design project to provide solutions for the old Bazar at the center of Girne. This will be presented on the 2nd October during the AIA EUROPE, and after electing the best proposal, it will be published in the ARCHITECT Magazine and the responsible institutions will be informed of the refurbishing of the area.

Professor Adrià S. Llorens from La Salle School of Architecture has been invited to give support to the projects presented.

Open Day for Masters and Postgraduate courses on the 21st September

xarxes open day

On the 21st September La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL organizes an Open Day for Masters and Postgraduate courses to present the studies offered by the University in the areas of Engineering, Architecture and Management.

The Information Session will begin at 20h with the presentation by Josep M. Santos, Director General of La Salle, who will present the university, its goals and values.

After the welcome here will be a conference by the Managing Director of Catenon for Spain, Sylvain Boy. With the title “Digital Transformation in Professional Development” the talk will go over the main topics involved in the technological revolution and the new models of communication and opportunity seeking. Boy will also talk about the personal brand and how to design and manage it.

After the Conference the Masters will be presented. This Session will provide information about the Studies and the Admissions and Enrolment process. It will also be possible to have a personal interview with the Director or Coordinator of the programme of interest. Future students will have the opportunity to discover the details about each programme of study: aim, contents, student profile and faculty and to receive orientation about the one best suited for them according to training, experience, interests and future projection.

La Salle-URL hosts the architecture programme Thinking Dwelling for the second year


La Salle Campus Barcelona hosts the second edition of the Thinking Dwelling Program, a series of activities that will take place from the 14th to the 28th September 2016 in our school.

Thinking Dwelling is a pedagogical program created by the School of Architecture of La Salle-URL and coordinated by the European Project OIKONET (financed by the Continuous Learning Program of the European Union 2013-2016). The project has the finality of creating a collaborative platform to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective, including the multiple dimensions that condition the ways of living in present societies: architectonical, urbanistic, environmental, economic, cultural and social.

The purpose of Thinking Dwelling is to involve academic from the community, students and professors from all the years and levels, in a common reflection on housing in contemporary societies. You are all invited to the opening of the program on the 14th September in the Auditorium.

Watch the videos of last year’s edition here.

Project Marcos, laser to play Pong


The laser pointer that always escapes has made its place in history thank you to the Seamless Interaction team, a line of research within the Media Technologies group of La Salle-Ramon Llull University, coordinated by David Miralles, with the participation of Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students.

The project, created by Ian Magarzo is called Marcos and uses the laser pointer called life Spark , which interacts with real objects and even people. The essence of the project is the connection between the virtual and the real world, breaking the barriers that have always existed between them. This small virtual spark is projected in our world and affects everything that surrounds it. And not only can the environment alter it, but it can also alter its own environment activating or deactivating objects as it passes by. It can also turn on lights and activate musical notes contained in small cylinders the laser can interact with to create endless melodies.

Marcos builds a bridge between two universes and makes it evident that the technological revolution allows the fluctuation between the digital and the real world, what is palpable and what is ethereal.  With Marcos we can play that videogame in which we passed each other a ball on a plane – with a hybrid between the real and the digital. This time with ping pong bats and a ball created by computer.

Celebration of Ramon Llull University’s 25th Anniversary

foto post 25 url

On Thursday 6th October at 19h, the celebration of the 25 years of Ramon Llull University and the start of the academic year 2016- 2017 will have have place in the Casa Llotja de Mar, in Barcelona and Lola Badia, expert on Ramon Llull, Director of the Ramon Llull Documentation Centre and National Culture Prize 2016 will offer the Opening lecture about Ramon Llull, patron of Ramon Llull University.

The event will be attended by the President of the Board of Ramon Llull Foundatin, Joan Josep Brugera; the Rector of Ramon Llull University, Josep M. Garrell and the Secretary General of Ramon Llull University, Anna Berga.

This celebration is part of the 25th Anniversary of the recognition of Ramon Llull University by unanimity of the Catalan Parliament, becoming the first private university in the Spanish state.

Ramon Llull University began its first academic year on October 1991 offering 11 official degrees and with around 1.000 first year students and 2980 students from the existing degrees at IQS, Blanquerna, La Salle and the Faculty of Philosophy of Catalonia, which were affiliated to public universities back then.

Nowadays Ramon Llull University is formed by IQS, Blanquerna, La Salle, IQS, Blanquerna, La Salle, Facultat de Filosofia, ESADE, Facultat d’Educació Social i Treball Social Pere Tarrés, Facultat de Turisme i Direcció Hotelera Sant Ignasi, Institut Universitari Observatori de l’Ebre, Institut Borja de Bioètica, Institut Universitari de Salut Mental Vidal i Barraquer and Escola Superior de Disseny ESDi (affiliated center).

Opening of registrations for “Bojos per la Ciència”

bojos ciencia

Bojos per la Ciència is getting ready for the new edition of its programme and from today registrations are open until Monday 12th September. The programme was created by Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation to stimulate scientific talent among young people. Within this framework, Bojos per les Noves Technologies was created, by proposal of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL.

The finality of this programme is to promote the technological and innovative spirit among high school students, allowing them to get in contact with technological progress in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector.

During the year 5 courses in different areas but with a common topic, new technologies, will be carried out with the intention of increasing vocations, and a technological and innovative motivation among young students, awakening their entrepreneurial spirit. The program will help to understand firsthand the work of an Engineer in areas such as Web Development and Programming, Mobile App Development, Robotics at the service of people, Internet Technologies and Cybersecurity and Videogames, areas of activity with a great development in the coming years and with lack of professionals all over Europe.

Within the general programme of Bojos per la Ciència there are other excellent courses that offer students the opportunity to learn the theory and scientific techniques in different fields. Some of these fields are biomedicine, economy, physics, maths, nature or chemistry.  Students will also have the opportunity of working with researchers in order to know what it’s like to do science from an international research center or to follow a scientific career.

The selection process for students will be from September to December and will consist of a first selection followed by a personal interview which will allow to decide which are selected. Courses will have place on Saturdays and selected students will not be able to do more than one course at the same time.  The opening of the programme will be in January 2017, starting on the 14th and ending in November 2017.

If you want to know more information about this programme click here

La Salle – URL hosts the second edition of the international congress on social robots applied to health and education, New Friends 2016

new friends fotoLa Salle Campus Barcelona-URL coorganizes the international congress on social robots applied to health and education, New Friends 2016, that will have place between the 2nd and 4th November at La Salle-URL and Cosmocaixa. Jordi Albó, Coordinator of Robotics at La Salle, is the General Chairman of the Congress.

The Congress brings together the most important experts in this area, who will attend conferences, oral presentations, poster presentations, demos and workshops to discover topics related with Ethics, Robotics and their use in Health and Education.

More specifically, the topics the Congress will focus on are the study of social robots in research, intervention patterns in relation to final users, novelties in the technological development of these social robots; therapy and theoretical educational studies ( ethical, social, legal and philosophical approaches)

Regarding the Conferences, some of the leading researchers in this area will attend the Congress. One of them is Illah R.Nourbakhsh, professor of Robotics at the Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Nourbakhsh will talk about “Robotics and technology fluency” providing attendees with awareness about Ethics and the branching of this area in the communities.

Carme Torras, research profesor at CSIC and Director of perception and handling at the Barcelona Robotics Institute will deal with the topic of robotic assistants: research challenges, Ethics and the role of fiction.

Also, in relation as Robots as assistants, the Professor of Psychological Medicine at the School of Medicine of Auckland University, Elizabeth Anne Broadbent, will talk about the benefits of Robots for the company of patients with chronic illnesses.

The Professor of Engineering practice in human factors of Boston’s Tufts University, Daniel J.Hannon, will present their task in Cognitive Engineering systems and the motivational and situational elements in complex environments.

Finally, Dr. Fumihide Tanaka, professor of Information and Systems of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tsukuba (Japan) will talk about educational robots for children and will immerse attendees in the pioneer area of research.

For more information and the Congress Schedule, click here.


Isaac Galiana, architecture student from La Salle-URL, winner of the Catalunya Construcció 2016 award

The Executive Project for a floating house in Amsterdam, from Isaac Galiana, student of School of Architecture La Salle-URL,  was awarded Best Final Project in Catalunya Construcció Awards 2016, delivered last June in Barcelona. Galiana was ex aequo along with Andrea Fernandez Albizuri, from UPC Barcelona, who participated with a rehabilitation project of 127 buildings located in Boulevard Didouche Mourad of Algeria.

In the category of Final Degree Awards, which were given for the first time in this 13th edition, a total of 16 applications from different schools in Catalonia were presented, five of which were finalists. Throughout the contest 96 nominations were presented, divided into five different categories corresponding to works completed between 2014 and 2015.

Catalunya Construcció 2016 Awards were presented on Thursday, June 30 at Night of the Construction of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Barcelona. With professionals and entrepreneurs in the construction sector the event was attended by over 500 people. The awards ceremony was chaired by Josep Rull, Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Jordi Gosalves, President of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Barcelona (CAATEEB).

These awards, which have the support of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Catalonia and Arquinfad, aim to recognize the efforts of professionals and companies in the construction process and reward people who, through their work, contribute to improving the quality, management, sustainability, innovation and safety in construction.


Professor Josep Ferrando winner of the Delta Opinion Award ADI-FAD 2016 for the Biennale chair

Professor Josep Ferrando has won the Delta Award ADI-FAD 2016 in the Opinion category for the Biennale chair. The object wasdesigned by Ferrando and produced by Figueras International Seating, which recognizes the best produced or marketed international designs over the last two years in Spain.

Biennale is a modular and flexible seat made only with sustainable timber and manufactured industrially from traditional processes. From the concept it was intended to project a pattern away from classical geometry, devoid of seams and joints in other materials.

Biennale chair
Biennale chair, designed by architect Josep Ferrando and produced by Figueras International Seating

A year ago, the architect Josep Ferrando and Figueras International Seating initiated a collaborative project to create a chair for collective spaces and, in particular, religious spaces. The Biennale chair emerged from this research that explored the act of sitting in a circle in ritual ceremonies. The idea was presented within the exhibition the Catalan architect led to the XIV Biennale Architettura di Venezia, called “In Progress Matter and Light”.

The Delta Prizes are awarded biennially in recognition of the work of industrial designers and production companies, and aim to celebrate excellence in the design and highlight its importance as a privileged tool for generating wealth in an industrial economy. Since 2011, the Delta Prizes and ADI Medals are held under the FADfest, an event that emphasizes the power and wealth of Barcelona in the field of design.


Students of Management of Business and Technology went on a Study Tour to Shangai

Our students of Management of Business and Technology enjoyed a one week stay in the Shanghai Study Tour 2016, at Fudan University. Throughout the stay, students learnt about the start of big brands in the Chinese market, such as Starbucks, and attended case studies with which they were able to experience first-hand the complexity of the challenges and opportunities of entering the world’s largest market. Students visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange, where they had the chance to meet the challenges of economic and social development, and the Mobile World Congress, among others, where they met entrepreneurs in the sector and gazed at opportunities and innovation for mobile technology development. The Chinese market has more than one billion subscribers and is a sector that will affect positively and in the coming years all actors in the industry.

Students of Management of Business and Technology witnessed the most important changes that have happened in China and the global economy in general, restructuring, FDI and trade challenges, concepts explained in the different sessions by tutors of Fudan University. They have participated in a talk about the macroeconomic challenges and changing role facing the country economically. They also visited Shanghai Automobile industries, where they could see robotics high tech and Baosteel, the second largest manufacturer of steel in China, and the cases of Carrefour and DeBeers market entry were introduced, in which they expressed the acquired knowledge and lived experience. Our students were very grateful for the opportunity that led them the stay and the great reception and organization they received from Fudan University, an experience that has changed the lives to everyone.