Anna Carsi will represent La Salle-URL at ‘Imagine Express 2017’

Multimedia engineer and current student of La Salle-URL’s Master in Multimedia Creation, Anna Carsi, has been chosen to represent La Salle-URL in the ‘Imagine Express’ contest.

The program is designed to generate business in the mobile sector, and takes place over a 4-day trip by train from Barcelona to Paris and London during the Mobile World Congress.

Participants (12 creative minds, 12 computer engineers and 12 entrepreneurs), who do not know each other in advance, will be challenged to form groups of 3 in order to generate applications (mobile applications) for one of the four strategic sectors Fin Tech, Smart Cities, Water or Health.

The ideas will be presented to investors in London and the best team from each sector will receive mentoring to carry out their project successfully. Once in Barcelona, entrepreneurs will present their project at the Mobile World Congress and will be installed in business incubators of the city.


La Salle-URL participates in the Mobile Week Barcelona with dialogue ‘Artificial Intelligence and Human Brain’

On Thursday February 23 will take place in La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL the dialogue ‘Artificial Intelligence and Human Brain’, within the series of conferences organized by Mobile World Capital for Mobile Week Barcelona. It is a program consisting of 10 consecutive talks during the week of February 20 on cultural, scientific, academic and social facilities in Barcelona. Each table will involve entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, thinkers, scientists and representatives of Mobile World Capital Barcelona to reflect on relevant issues.

The dialogue will take place at La Salle, and will treat the story from the use of tools and the introduction of agriculture by our hominid ancestors until today’s development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether AI is the future of technology or not will be discussed, as well as about the dialogue between man and machine. How will AI change the world? Can a machine make decisions that affect lives? Can a machine feel or be smarter than a human brain?

The debate will be moderated by Albert Saez, Deputy Director of El Periódico de Cataluña and PhD in Journalism by Ramon Llull University. Associate Professor at La Salle-URL Jordi Albó, Arcvi co-founder Josep Marc Mingot, Biotronic Art Studio Director Félix Vinyals, and writer and research professor Carme Torras will participate in the debate. Director of Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence (IIIA-CSIC), Ramón López de Mántaras, will attend the dialogue as an advisory member.

To register to dialogue ‘Artificial Intelligence and Human Brain’, click here.

“You have to be passionate, because it is a trade that does not know about days or hours, you have to work hard and stay motivated”

Carole Hart studied La Salle-URL’s MDPM (Master in Design and Multimedia Content Production). Since then, her life has changed and is now a successful entrepreneur who has managed to pull forward a family business: an advertising agency in the Dominican Republic that bears her surname, Hart. She is currently its managing director.

Carole told us she decided to study in Barcelona because his father had studied in the city and told her how interesting was. In addition, she researched on her own and became fascinated by its cultural richness. As for La Salle, she was doing internet searches and discovered it offered programs that interested her and that in addition it had prestige.

Personally and professionally to study in Barcelona was an experience that marked a turning point in her life. It was her window to the world: she met people from different countries, made friendships that still retains today all over the planet. She learned to live alone, but above all was a source of inspiration and knowledge that prompted her to create her own business in her country. Hart says that Barcelona is second home to her, and La Salle a very special place where she started the foundation of her professional life.

Carole opted for Europe and not Latin America not just because she wanted to discover the world, leaving the known, besides thinking in Europe as an ideal place, with a lot of history and great art.
At work she learned many things in La Salle and in Europe were implemented but not yet in her country, so it was for her a great advantage that opened opportunities.

A year after arriving at Barcelona and after had been working in a large multinational company established in her country, she decided to undertake and create the ‘Hart agency’ in association with her family. It is now 13 years working together.

As an entrepreneur initially had to perform multiple functions, but with hard work, a clear vision of where she was going, and the adequate preparation, the company started to grow, and found excellent collaborators who began joining the team. Bringing her talent in key areas has allowed her to evolve organically into a more focused position in leadership and general supervision, while maintaining a commitment to be updated to guide and inspire the team to get its best version on each project.

Among the functions of Hart as managing director of the agency, in which she is also a partner, the general supervision of projects and processes of the agency are to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability. In addition she is also responsible for developing key strategies and guidelines for the creative department. Finally, she is also responsible for business opportunities and devise action plans.

Now sees a clear need to update to new technologies and tools applied in the area of communication. Likewise she also thinks there is a lack of understanding of the new consumer trends, which is necessary to organize and draw good business strategies.

Hart also gives a number of tips that should be taken into account when someone with entrepreneurial concerns embarks on the adventure:
Never skimp on knowledge and constant training, always keep learning. It should also be noted that in this business the most valuable thing is the people and must be cared for, motivated and supported, so that they can develop and deliver the large company results.

Finally you have to feel passion, because it is a trade that does not have days or hours, you have to work hard and stay motivated… and that, only it is only achieved when you love what you do.


Alumni of La Salle-URL Mar González Franco, Microsoft HoloLens’ project researcher

Spanish newspaper ‘El País’ posted last January 10 an article about Mar González Franco, alumni who studied Computer Science and Multimedia Engineering at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL.

In the article the current project in which González works as a researcher at Microsoft is explained: HoloLens spectacles. HoloLens combine virtual and augmented reality, fields in which the alumni is specialized, and aims to revolutionize the world with its next deployment in Windows 10, to be launched this year.

Windows holographic aims to take out the operating system from the screen to the real world as 3D objects changing the way users and things interact. Thanks to products related to this new technology user will be able to move between video screens that are not on the wall or will be able to draw 3D objects with traditional Microsoft’s Paint program.

In the interview, González talks about her career: after graduating in La Salle-URL (prize for best academic record), she studied a master degree between University of Barcelona and Tsinghua University, the innovative center of China. On her return she began her PhD studies. Later she managed to reach the MIT MediaLab, Boston’s pioneer in new media formats and techniques of expression.

She began to Microsoft as a summer intern in 2013 and after returning to Barcelona for a while she got the call of Zhenyou Zhang, Microsoft innovation leader, to join his team.

Since then González is part of one of the world most important teams specialized in virtual reality and works with other elite professionals to change people live.



Technova participates in the training program ‘Food&IoT’ for sustainable distribution sector

The program, which will begin in January 2017, aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in food industry with the introduction of the Internet of Things. It is adressed to entrepreneurs who want to create a digital company in this sector, and to existing companies of any size who want to create or form teams with expertise in the fields of food distribution, technology and methodologies to develop innovation projects.

The Catalan food industry is characterized for being a broad sector level, source of great business opportunities for both entrepreneurs and established companies. Among these opportunities highlights sustainability processes linked to distribution and use of technology as strategies to gain competitive advantages to generate business. The Food&IoT training program is launched to give answers to these challenges.

Driven by Viladecans City Council, La Salle Technova Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Mercabarna, Food&Iot is funded 100% by the program Catalunya Emprèn of Generalitat de Catalunya, and it is free for all students who attend it.

The course incorporates the development of a project throughout the program with the aim that participants acquire skills and knowledge needed to launch business projects, new business lines or changes in the processes of a company. The project will be tutored at local and international levels and with the possibility of presenting an investment forum at the end of the course.

La Salle Technova Barcelona will present the program to the students of La Salle-URL interested in being able to participate on Monday December 12 at 12pm. The event will be attended by ModPow, located in Technova, which will explain its success story in this area.

Registration is open here.


URL in the top 100 in employability according to Times Higher Education world ranking

Ramon Llull University (URL), from which La Salle is a founding member, appears this year in the ‘Top 100 of employability’ according to the recognized ranking drawn up by Times Higher Education (THE), an international benchmark in university sector that has published this year its 6th annual edition of the World Ranking Employability .

URL is positioned as the only university in Catalonia and the third of the Spanish among the 150 best universities in the world rather valued by large companies when hiring its graduates.

The ranking, which is made based on a survey on 2,500 personnel managers in 20 countries, and on the expressed opinion by 3,500 executives around the world, places the URL in the 68th among 150 institutions of higher education with higher levels of employability of their students.

This highlights the Top 100 US universities as the California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University.

In Spain jut out next to URL two other private universities: IE University and University of Navarra


5th edition of the university orientation sessions for parents

On 26 January will be held the 5th edition of the university orientation sessions for parents, a serie of lectures that will be given by Maria Pilar Torné, from La Salle-URL, and Cristina Freixas, from Blanquerna-URL. Both speakers are experts in university orientation and will help parents to learn how to guide their children when choosing university studies.

This task has been changing over the years and the choice of studies nowadays is totally different from how it was years ago. This is why it is essential to learn to guide children in an educational and non-abusive on how to face their future and studies.

The event will be held in Sala Semicircular of Sant Miquel building of La Salle Campus Barcelona, from 19pm and 21pm.

Those parents who wish to attend must RSVP either by email or by calling 932 902 405.

Aristos Campus Mundus project gets the final Campus of International Excellence seal with the highest rating

The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has just published the decision on the final evaluation of the Campus of International Excellence (CEI) projects selected in 2011 program based on reports elaborated by the International Commission.

In that decision the Campus of International Excellence Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) project, promoted by the universities of Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull, in strategic partnership with US universities of Georgetown, Fordham and Boston College, gets the final seal of Campus of International Excellence with the highest rating (A).

The evaluating International Commission has proposed to the Ministry the final confirmation of the status of European Campus of Regional Excellence (CEIR) to the ACM project and has been given the highest rating (A) valuing very positively the level of collaboration between the group of universities, for their joint training offer, shared teaching-learning methodologies, research, focus on transfer and exercise of social responsibility. The report highlights the “strong and growing impact of the project, despite the geographical separation of its members” and “success” in achieving its objectives.

The Campus of International Excellence Programme, promoted by the General Secretary of Universities from the Ministry of Education, is one of the structural axes of modernization of universities in Spain focused on improving the quality of the university system through aggregation, specialization, differentiation and internationalization of its best universities, which first call was in 2009 within the “University Strategy 2015”.

Elisabet Golobardes reflects on the origins and impact of artificial intelligence at the 12×12 Congress

La Salle-URL’s Prof. Dr. Elisabet Golobardes opened the ‘12×12 Congress‘ with a keynote on artificial intelligence which pretended to reflect on how this area that generates abysmal changes in technology can also participate in social developments.

In her speech she traced back to the origins of this area at the beginning of the decade, with the advent of increasingly powerful computers. The need for artificial intelligence arising out of comes from the impossibility of treating large volumes of data generated by this new generation of computers.

Therefore it was needed to create an entity with the ability to process huge amounts of information, and this would change the technological paradigm of the moment. This need created the artificial intelligence.

With the creation of this area, data processing became something real, and since then it is a very important part not only of technology but of society in general. Then, if data and derived are essential in the technological world, what social and moral pitfalls there are for its development? On the one hand, we must ensure professional ethical codes and on the other also consider other infrastructures, as the social and economic impact and permanent change in labor relations.

Thus, Golobardes opened the conference by making a reflection on the role of artificial intelligence since appeared as a root need for technological development to this day, as it can play a key role in how society advances.


‘Professors i Ciència’ program from Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera registration now open

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL is participating in the twelfth edition of the program promoted by Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera ‘Professors i Ciència’, which from today opens registration. The training program offers courses to high school science teachers to help them improve their training and expertise, and to promote scientific careers among students.

La Salle-URL contributes with the course ‘Robotics in the classroom: problem solving and learning scientific, technical and social skills, Social STEAM (S2TEAM)’.

The course will present the current state of the industry of the use of robotics in education from the academic and business approach, and resources and methodologies to implement educational and social robotics to serve any curriculum subject will be detailed.

The added value of La Salle Campus Barcelona is that it offers several workshops for schools, providing them with a set of activities, both practical training and guidance, to bring students to engineering, architecture and management and animation fields.In addition, it also gives individual workshops for high school students and vocational training on the same educational areas.

Finally, the structure of sharing spaces with teachers from schools will be explained. This is a course recognized by the Education Department of Generalidat de Catalunya, and will last for 16 hours over three days, on Wednesday 8 and Friday 10 February 2017, from 16 to 20h, and Saturday 11 from 9 to 14h and 15 to 19h.If you want to register you can click here .

01-Professors i ciència 2

01-Professors i ciència 3