Registration for the BGW Game Jam is OPEN!

From October 5 to 8, 2017 Barcelona Games World (BGW) returns, the most important videojuegos fair in Spain organized jointly by the Spanish Video Games Association (AEVI) and Fira de Barcelona. One of the most important innovations is the organization, along with La Salle-URL as technological sponsor, of the first BGW GAME JAM, a team competition for university students that will consist of the development of a video game. Entries for the tournament, which will be held on 6 and 7 October and will host a maximum of 25 teams formed by four members, has started today at and will be open until next October 2.
The 100 participants must develop, in less than 30 hours, a video game. As an added difficulty, the theme will not be revealed until the beginning of the competition. The composition of the teams will also be surprising, and the contestants will be distributed by the organization in groups as diverse and balanced as possible according to their profiles: programmers, graphic artists, etc.
After the 30-hour tournament, teams will have two minutes to present their prototype to a jury of five members: three representatives of Barcelona Games World’s exhibiting brands, a specialized journalist and a representative of public administrations. The five judges will be in charge of choosing the winners. In total 5 prizes will be awarded: Best Game, Most Original, Best Artistic Concept, Technological Innovation Award and Special Prize.
Do you dare to participate?

A new edition of the program “Crazy for new technologies” is underway

The registration period for “Crazy for new technologies” is already open, the La Salle-URL program for “Crazy for Science”, created by the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera to stimulate scientific talent among the youth. The objective of this course is to promote the technological and innovative spirit among high school students, which will allow them to get in touch with the technological advances in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector.
During the course classes will be taught in 5 different areas but with a common thread, new technologies. The intention is to increase the vocation, technological and innovative motivation among young students by awakening their entrepreneurial spirit. The program will help you understand first hand what is the work of an engineer in sectors such as those of Development and Web Programming, Development of Mobile Applications, Robotics at the Service of people, Internet Technologies and Cybersecurity and Video Games ; areas of activity with a great development in the coming years and with a deficit of professionals in all of Europe.
One of the expected results of these courses is to increase the vocation, technological and innovative motivation among young students, which responds to the current need for ICT engineers, and that, at the same time, the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship, these students.
In the general program of Crazy for Science there are other courses of excellence with which students will have the opportunity to study scientific theory and techniques in different fields. Some of these areas are biomedicine, economics, physics, mathematics, nature or chemistry. In addition, students will have the opportunity to work with researchers to know how science is done from an international research center and to open their way to the scientific and professional world.
Students interested can register until October 22. Afterwards, a selection process will be carried out and in December the students will be notified. The courses will be held on Saturdays and the students selected will not be able to do more than one course at a time. The course will take place between January and November 2018.
You can obtain more information by clicking here.

La Salle Technova Barcelona organizes a day to explain the possible financing lines for startups and entrepreneurs

Next October 10 will take place in La Salle-URL the day “Buscas Financiación 2017”, organized by the innovation park La Salle Technova Barcelona. Funding is the starting point in any business and therefore in this new edition of the day entrepreneurs can know all the options that exist today and possible ways to get funding, both public and private. In times of crisis, La Salle Technova Barcelona wants to demonstrate that it is still possible to undertake and finance an innovative project.
In a single morning, those responsible for the agencies involved will resolve all questions and questions they have about the funding requirements and conditions. The event will be attended by ACCIÓ, the Catalan Institute of Finances (ICF), the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the National Innovation Company (ENISA). Finally, a round table on private financing will be held with the participation of Jordi Priu, investor of EIX Technova and Founder 101Startups and Tania Sagaste, analyst of Inversiones en Caixa Capital Risc.
Make your registration for the day here.

The inscriptions of the “Professors and Science” program are open

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL participates in the new edition of the “Professors i Ciència” program promoted by the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera with a program of robotics in the classrooms whose registration will be open until the 20 places are exhausted.
The Professors and Science program offers training to secondary school teachers in Catalonia to help improve their ongoing training and specialization and encourage the stimulation of scientific vocations in the students. The course of La Salle-URL, Robotics in classrooms: solving problems and learning of scientific and technical competencies, STEAM Social (S2TEAM), presents the current state of the sector from the academic and business approach of the use of Robotics to education and details resources and methodologies to implement educational and social robotics at the service of any curricular subject. During the course, three robots are programmed: the educational robot EV3 of LEGO, a robot based on Arduino and the social robot AISOY for an activity where social competences, computational thinking and engineering thinking are worked on in the classroom. The objectives of the course is that the professors – of profiles of biology, ethics and philosophy, computer science, mathematics, chemistry and technology – learn that it is the education in STEAM and to use technological tools, the benefits of the use of Robotics in education and know how to organize resources in this field in classrooms.
This is a course recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and will last 16 hours, divided into three days, on November 29 and December 1 from 4 to 8 p.m. and on December 2 of 10 2pm and 3pm to 7pm.
The added value of La Salle Campus Barcelona is that it puts at the disposal of the schools different workshops, those of a series of activities, both of practical training as of orientation, to bring the student to the engineering, the architecture and management and animation. In addition, individual workshops are also offered for high school students and the Higher Level Training Cycle on the same educational areas.

Come to La Salle University DemoWeek at October 25 and 26, and know what university life will be like

La Salle University Demo Week is a conference held on October 25 and 26 to bring the university world closer through a set of free workshops and talks so that students (high school, vocational training and 4th ESO) Schools and teachers can know the reality of University Studies, and thus have tools that help them choose their university future.
The workshops will be developed by the following areas: Architecture, Engineering, Animation & VFX and Business Management, and will allow young people to have a clear idea of how they can be formed with La Salle throughout their university life.
The attendees will be able to know these areas through a set of workshops that can choose: exponential technologies, to know how the technology can help solve some of the most important economic challenges; claymation, stop motion animation with clay; the mad robots marathon, building with a LEGO Mindstorms robot without wheels and then making a competition; how video games are produced, giving a general overview of multimedia technologies that intervene; Space radio communications, learning the techniques that are currently used in this field. He lives an architectural experience with the author, knowing some of the modernist buildings in Barcelona; App Inventor to introduce participants to the world of programming for mobile devices; ScratchRoom, designing and developing a virtual Room Escape with Scratch visual programming language; Ethical hackers, which allows the student, through practical scenarios in the laboratory, to see first-hand some of the techniques used by hackers, as well as the security mechanisms to prevent their attacks; and Design Thinking for education, teaching five steps so that students think differently thanks to this methodology.
You can check all the information and sign up at

The first year students of architecture visited Casa La Ricarda, an icon of rationalist architecture, on its first day at the Campus

The first year Architecture students had the possibility to live a totally different first day, knowing the real architecture. La Salle-URL professors brought them to know Casa La Ricarda, an icon of rationalist architecture of the architect Antonio Bonet located in El Prat. The new students could see the characteristics of this house, built between 1953-1963, and have a first direct contact with the architecture knowing details of its construction. The group visit of the La Salle students allowed them to know all their corners and details of its history and construction.
Casa La Ricarda was designed by the architect Antonio Bonet, in close collaboration with the owner Ricardo Gomis and his wife Inés Bertrand Mata, the Gomis house, better known as La Ricarda, is perhaps his most emblematic work and in terms The best example of Catalan Rationalism.
The construction of La Ricarda, was done “by correspondence”, since Bonet in those years was in Argentina and directed the work from the distance. The first contact with the client was in 1949, the first time that Bonet returned to his country since 1936, after which a first project was carried out that did not go on. The second proposal, developed after 1953, was finally accepted and built. The construction was directed in work by the architect Comas and the builder R. Bofill.
After the worst years of the postwar period, in the face of the lack of public support and space, Ricardo Gomis turned his home into a place of artistic experimentation of all kinds, turning his home, La Ricarda, into a refuge of Catalan art during the last 15 years of the Franco regime. La Ricarda continues to belong to the Gomis family, who in 1997 commissioned the architects Fernando Álvarez Prozorovch and Jordi Roig to carry out the restoration, centered on the roof and the carpentry.
This large house is made up of different pavilions, which unite asymmetrically on a single floor. Its layout is horizontal, with interior spaces: living room, dining room and bedrooms, intermediate: terraces and porches and the exterior spaces that surround these modules, pool, changing rooms and a lattice wall. A tower that emerges between the pines, with a study and a water tank, puts the vertical counterpoint to the set.

La Salle-URL grades start course with 35 nationalities first-year students

This week the welcome ceremony for new students at La Salle-URL took place. In an institutional event, Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle Campus Barcelona, addressed words to the students stating that “a new stage in their lives, in the university, begins”, a learning and personal growth time where they will do many friends and will establish professional ties that will last a lifetime, “asking them also a positive attitude that will make their time in the Campus much more profitable. The event was inspired by the famous “Game of Thrones” series, making visible the different “houses” represented by the studies of the Campus (Business, Animation, Engineering and Architecture) and the students have gone through a photocall inspired by the known “Iron Throne”.
Although students can still be enrolled, at this time the first year students come from 35 countries around the world, representing 18% of the total. Regarding the different degrees, the Engineering studies, which provide the highest number of students, maintain this general percentage of 18% of international students; the area of Architecture exceeds 55% of the students enrolled; the degree in Direction of Technology Companies has opened three groups that in 30% of the cases are international, although it should be noted that many Spanish students are also taking the English degree; finally in Animation, which started its third academic year, a third group was also opened, although due to its recent creation only 10% of them are international and it is expected to have a great projection in other countries in the next years.
At the welcome ceremony, representatives of the different areas of knowledge have spoken to the students to convey the DNA of La Salle that from now on will live in the Campus: interdisciplinarity, technology, innovation -in new studies and methodology-, entrepreneurship Through, above all, La Salle Technova Barcelona innovation park, creativity and internationality. Among them, Dr. Marc Arnal, director of the degree in Architecture, invited students “to use creativity as a tool to change society” and Chris Kennett, director of Undergraduate Business Programs, stressed that “a global mindset is essential for any leader “.
At the end of the event, students have created a mural to find out what the challenges are in the years that begin at the University, and have been able to meet and join the different social clubs of the Campus.
Before this welcome, at the beginning of September, these new students had the opportunity to meet each other in the “Welcome Week”, where after a first dynamic session to tighten ties between them and create a homogeneous group between the different areas, they participated in a gymkhana of discovery of the Campus and in specific workshops, among other activities.

One of our students of the Master in Social Media, occupies the sixth place in the ranking of top influencers of Instagram in gastronomy in Spain

Mireia Casamada, student of the Master in Social Media coordinated by Gemma Vallet, occupies the sixth place in the ranking of top influencers of Instagram in gastronomy in Spain.

One of the students of the Degree of Technical Architecture and Building, Jordi Rocabert wins the prize for Best Final Grade Work of the Awards Catalunya Construcció 2017

One of our students of the Degree of Technical Architecture and Building, Jordi Rocabert, has won the Best Degree Final award at the Catalunya Construcció 2017 Awards of the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona.

The project deals with the rehabilitation, restoration and change of the use of the north zone of the old textile factory of Can Balsach, in the district of the Creu Alta of Sabadell, which is currently in disuse and in phase of deterioration. The building is cataloged and has been an industrial heritage since the beginning of the 20th century. The project consists of actions like now the new work, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation. Aspects such as respect for the environment, non-generation of waste, minimum consumption of CO2 during the execution of the work and energy efficiency of the final building have been taken into account to evaluate the project. The complexity of bringing all these factors together in a single project involves a detailed program of control, management, organization and a clear understanding of the end result. The jury has chosen this project as a winner because of the great quality achieved in the work, which clearly shows the complexity of all the factors that influence the writing of a rehabilitation, reuse and conservation of heritage project. In addition, the jury has taken into account the good work on the control, management and organization program that have been very well detailed in the project.

At the same time, Enric Peña, Coordinator of Masters of Architecture of La Salle-URL, along with Miguel Roldán and Mercè Berengué, has won ex-aequo in the category Intervention in efficient building by the project “Espai Bombers Parc de la Prevenció de Barcelona“. In addition, one of our professors, Xavier Badia, has been a finalist in the category of the Beckett room, an international workshop for dramaturgy in Barcelona.

La Salle Technova sign a collaboration agreement with the Parc Ann Arbor Spark

La Salle Technova Barcelona has signed a collaboration agreement to connect the Ann Arbor SPARK Park located in Detroit (USA) and Technova, and its two ecosystems.

The objective is to put in contact start-ups, companies and investors located in the two parks, especially for the connected car sector.
The increase in drivers that use digital technology in their cars has increased in recent years. More and more vehicles have access to the Internet and a variety of sensors that allow them to send and receive information and interact with people, but also with other vehicles that are objects of their environment. With the collaboration agreement, both parks want to focus especially on the emerging sector of connected mobility and autonomous vehicles.
The agreement was signed in the framework of the meeting organized by the North American Division of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).