Isaac Galiana, architecture student from La Salle-URL, winner of the Catalunya Construcció 2016 award

The Executive Project for a floating house in Amsterdam, from Isaac Galiana, student of School of Architecture La Salle-URL,  was awarded Best Final Project in Catalunya Construcció Awards 2016, delivered last June in Barcelona. Galiana was ex aequo along with Andrea Fernandez Albizuri, from UPC Barcelona, who participated with a rehabilitation project of 127 buildings located in Boulevard Didouche Mourad of Algeria.

In the category of Final Degree Awards, which were given for the first time in this 13th edition, a total of 16 applications from different schools in Catalonia were presented, five of which were finalists. Throughout the contest 96 nominations were presented, divided into five different categories corresponding to works completed between 2014 and 2015.

Catalunya Construcció 2016 Awards were presented on Thursday, June 30 at Night of the Construction of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Barcelona. With professionals and entrepreneurs in the construction sector the event was attended by over 500 people. The awards ceremony was chaired by Josep Rull, Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Jordi Gosalves, President of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Barcelona (CAATEEB).

These awards, which have the support of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Catalonia and Arquinfad, aim to recognize the efforts of professionals and companies in the construction process and reward people who, through their work, contribute to improving the quality, management, sustainability, innovation and safety in construction.


Professor Josep Ferrando winner of the Delta Opinion Award ADI-FAD 2016 for the Biennale chair

Professor Josep Ferrando has won the Delta Award ADI-FAD 2016 in the Opinion category for the Biennale chair. The object wasdesigned by Ferrando and produced by Figueras International Seating, which recognizes the best produced or marketed international designs over the last two years in Spain.

Biennale is a modular and flexible seat made only with sustainable timber and manufactured industrially from traditional processes. From the concept it was intended to project a pattern away from classical geometry, devoid of seams and joints in other materials.

Biennale chair
Biennale chair, designed by architect Josep Ferrando and produced by Figueras International Seating

A year ago, the architect Josep Ferrando and Figueras International Seating initiated a collaborative project to create a chair for collective spaces and, in particular, religious spaces. The Biennale chair emerged from this research that explored the act of sitting in a circle in ritual ceremonies. The idea was presented within the exhibition the Catalan architect led to the XIV Biennale Architettura di Venezia, called “In Progress Matter and Light”.

The Delta Prizes are awarded biennially in recognition of the work of industrial designers and production companies, and aim to celebrate excellence in the design and highlight its importance as a privileged tool for generating wealth in an industrial economy. Since 2011, the Delta Prizes and ADI Medals are held under the FADfest, an event that emphasizes the power and wealth of Barcelona in the field of design.


Students of Management of Business and Technology went on a Study Tour to Shangai

Our students of Management of Business and Technology enjoyed a one week stay in the Shanghai Study Tour 2016, at Fudan University. Throughout the stay, students learnt about the start of big brands in the Chinese market, such as Starbucks, and attended case studies with which they were able to experience first-hand the complexity of the challenges and opportunities of entering the world’s largest market. Students visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange, where they had the chance to meet the challenges of economic and social development, and the Mobile World Congress, among others, where they met entrepreneurs in the sector and gazed at opportunities and innovation for mobile technology development. The Chinese market has more than one billion subscribers and is a sector that will affect positively and in the coming years all actors in the industry.

Students of Management of Business and Technology witnessed the most important changes that have happened in China and the global economy in general, restructuring, FDI and trade challenges, concepts explained in the different sessions by tutors of Fudan University. They have participated in a talk about the macroeconomic challenges and changing role facing the country economically. They also visited Shanghai Automobile industries, where they could see robotics high tech and Baosteel, the second largest manufacturer of steel in China, and the cases of Carrefour and DeBeers market entry were introduced, in which they expressed the acquired knowledge and lived experience. Our students were very grateful for the opportunity that led them the stay and the great reception and organization they received from Fudan University, an experience that has changed the lives to everyone.

Student Ángel Martín wins the 1st edition of La Salle-URL Multimedia & Videogames Contest

La Salle-URL’s Multimedia and Videogames Contest already has a winner. It is student Ángel Martín, who has been selected by the jury chaired by Emiliano Labrador, Director of the Master in Multimedia Creation (MCM) and Game Design professor at the Degree in Multimedia Engineering of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL.

This first edition of the contest rewarded the best videogame design work. The best work realized election system was considering the following criteria: originality, game design, world design, audio design and user interface. First, the jury highlighted the high level presented by students with very innovative and creative ideas, taking into account their age and that, in some cases, they have been able to develop a first version of the videogame.

In the case of Ángel Martín, the jury took into account in its assessment the cultural and ecological value of the work presented, the script and the story are perfectly situated on the stage of action as well as the technical specifications that met all the requirements necessary for its development. Angel Martin has presented a project entitled “Solidarity”, an action and adventure videogame set in an invented region of India where the protagonists have to help an NGO in the area.

Ángel Martín will receive the award of a grant of 30% for the enrolment in the Degree in Multimedia Engineering of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL for the upcoming academic year 2016-2017.

La Salle-URL introduces tools to “accelerate and sustain change” in companies within the conference series La Salle Breakfast

This June “Accelerating and sustaining change” was presented, within the conference series La Salle Breakfast, about the tools with which modern businesses can manage and take appropriate decisions when leading projects.

One of the keys to carry out this change is the creation of value within an adaptive strategic framework. Nowadays nothing is static and for this reason you have to have an emerging mind, otherwise, your company’s train can pass by.

This 72nd edition of the Breakfast was attended by the International Consultant Andre Baken, who highlighted the change in the behaviour of people to achieve new business goals or pass from physical company (Firm-Centric Thinking) to digital (Network-Centric Thinking), considering that a priori, most changes do not work and the objectives are not achieved. But why do changes not work?

Big companies like IBM or McKinsey admit that their initial business models did not bear fruit. The answers lie in the education we receive and digitization, where everything has to do with the mentality and attitude of people, plus 90% of the decisions are made unconsciously; finally, any change or novelty involves taking a risk, which can be scary and makes us protective.

To carry out business changes, speakers proposed working in different fields, as now the discipline of Change Manager, Emotional Education, Spiritual Intelligence, Teamwork and Leadership, with the aim of bringing together the interests of companies with the ones of the employees. In addition, it is necessary to assume the mistakes made earlier in order not to repeat them in the future. But in a company the thought is not the only affected. The body also suffers and must be cared for.

Presenter at the Breakfast recommended Osteopathy and the Change Manager as techniques to change the thinking. In fact, Carles Ruiz-Feltres, Managing Partner in OME Espais, gave a brief explanation about the training of the mind for change: Mindfulness. It is a discipline that works on concentration and awareness. When we work, physical sensations, thoughts with which we are more connected and emotions always appear.

However, body and mind are not always connected. But when these three factors are connected, we run the risk that the autopilot is triggered. The problem is not experiencing sensations, but not knowing how to control them. With Mindfulness practices, the results of which are scientifically proved, this control can be achieved: you gain in empathy, you begin to accept change and feedback is obtained: more attention and less labour incidents. It’s no wonder that many of the Mindfulness courses taught are contracted from the companies departments of Labour Risks or Human Resources.

Javier Martin, Lipotec Group & LZ LifeSciences EMEA, explained his experience of change in this same company. He and his team spent the conventional mixed business model to reaching a clear conclusion: to manage a project different people are necessary and not, as usual, the figure of a single leader. Martin and employees spent two days in the mountains with a systematic team to break down barriers between workers, create and enhance trust and manage the stress of upcoming change. They developed motor activities, such as gestures, and worked the emotions and feelings with theatre exercises. The results were evident in 2015 compared to 2014.

Another example to promote change was offered by the theatre company Freq to Freq, who showed attendees how, through interpretation, one can express his own difficulties and thus detect the modifications to be applied in business. Finally, all participants launched the same message: “The key is not the type of company, but the people you want to effect change”. If organizations have the attitude and desire to pull ahead, anything is possible. A Change Management course for Project Managers is taught at La Salle: From Project Manager to Change Manager, where change management models are enhanced to become a leader and understand the keys to be a good change manager partner.

Photos of the event available here

La Salle Technova Barcelona and Connector Start-up Accelerator create a pre-acceleration program for 3D printing sector companies

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, through its innovation park La Salle Technova, launches with Connector Start-up Accelerator a pre-acceleration program for enterprises in 3D Printing sector working in fields such as generation of materials, productive processes or related software. The program will provide corporates a new innovation channel by linking with start-ups with disruptive business models and impact on its business lines. The alliance between established companies and start-ups makes it easier for corporations to explore new business and for start-ups to link up with a partner that facilitate rapid growth and internationalization.

The project was unveiled during the celebration of In(3D)ustry Congress from 21 to 23 June at the Fira de Barcelona which brings together leading expert agents in 3D printing.

Both La Salle Technova and Connector Start-up Accelerator stand out by the mentoring, support to start-ups and supporting entrepreneurs in search of investment, which has allowed this agreement to work together in this sector.

The program is based on the model of Lean Launchpad, one of the most modern methods of creation of companies and products, mainly based on experimentation, which provides a method for creating spin-off and start-up companies with recurring business models, profitable and scalable minimizing their probability of failure. This model has been successfully taught at the universities of Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and Caltech; and adopted by the National Science Foundation to boost their research and translate it into profitable and sustainable ventures.

For entrepreneurs, the pre-acceleration program will last 8 weeks during which training and onsite support with mentoring that will provide them experience and appropriateness of the strategy of their companies will be combined. During the program, participants will form the basis of the business model, generate a prototype, get their first customers and learn how to swing the project to reach the fit on the market.

For established companies, the program promotes a flow of continuous innovation using agile methodologies through the detection and capture of entrepreneurs who are developing solutions for 3D Printing sector. The involved companies can identify and contact entrepreneurs related to 3D printing, solve problems and generate projects, validate the use of technology and new value propositions in the sector, learn new methodologies for innovation, and position in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Connector is a start-up accelerator driven by some of the outstanding entrepreneurs of the technological area of Spain. It was born with the aim to promote and help the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem supporting projects and entrepreneurs in the digital sector. It has more than 150 mentors throughout Spain in different areas of the digital sector and has already accelerated more than 70 start-ups.

Vinton Cerf, father of the Internet and Vice President of Google, invested as Doctor Honoris Causa by Ramon Llull University

Vinton Gray Cerf, PhD in computer science and global Vice President of Google, considered one of the fathers of the Internet, has been sworn this June as Doctor Honoris Causa by the Ramon Llull University (URL), a proposal from the Higher Technical School of Electronic and Computer Engineering La Salle-URL on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first Telecommunications studies in Catalonia. Cerf, who now joins the faculty of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, is considered one of the greatest inventors still alive. His contributions to the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web put him at the head of a whole digital revolution that has transformed commerce, communication and entertainment on the world scene.

Cerf has made a speech in which he set Internet value as a design example, noting that “virtualization of almost everything gives entrepreneurs the freedom to try new ideas with few fixed costs, to advance the vanguard of technology and encourage experimentation that before would have represented an unthinkable investment of time and money”. In this regard, Cerf has advised that “in Silicon Valley failures are a sign of experience and I hope that in Spain it will also be like that, where innovation and entrepreneurship should become the key to improve the economy of all citizens”.

Google’s Vice President also explained that “design has an established purpose and objectives, seeks to satisfy a utility and, in many cases, some aesthetic aspirations to delight senses, but also adapt to restrictions”. Cerf recalled that, at the time along with Robert Kahn, worked in the “network of networks”, and applied already some of these restrictions and principles that significantly influenced the design of protocols and architecture that today make up the Internet. One of these was the option of stratification and concealment of information “which has enabled Internet expansion in scale, incorporating new transmission technologies and supporting an abundance of new applications and protocols, one of which is the World Wide Web, which has become a crucial component of the Internet infrastructure“.

Cerf also talked about issues such as WiFi network which was very important at the time and wondered if we could say the same of other initiatives around the world such as smart cities. “So far it indicates that much remains to exhaust all possibilities offered by the Internet to find new ways of implementation of networks. As we explore the named Internet of Things, we will open new prospects for applications based on groups of programmable and interconnected devices that we will have at home, at work, in the car or on top of us”.

And on other developments, Vinton Cerf has made clear that “although it is abused, the term large data or Big Data is important, but not only in the field of serial large temporary measure amounts, but also data on our DNA, and on bacteria and viruses that live within our body”. This type of information can be analysed and extracted to reflect on health, resource consumption, global warming response, etc. “The most important of continuous data collection is that we can establish baseline parameters and, from here, detect deviations from the norm”.

Andreu Veà, Digital Champion for Spain (European Commission), made the gloss of Vinton Cerf’s merits, reviewing his personal and professional history and stressing that “Cerf has been dedicated to work and to solve problems that most of us peers hadn’t even raised”. Veà has also highlighted some phrases uttered by Cerf, like “I think the most important feature of the Internet is that it is agnostic in terms of transportation”, allowing anyone’s to try anything, so permission is not needed. Veà concluded that “extraordinary things happen, and clearly having persuaded everyone with passion and diplomacy to connect all incompatible computers in the world using TCP/IP is really extraordinary and unprecedented”.

In his speech, the rector of the URL, Josep M Garrell, stated that “it is now indisputable that thanks to new technologies, our life has been transformed. Now it is necessary to devote efforts to reflect on the uses and abuses”. Internet, Garrell said, is a “system in which we all must contribute to its future. And in this work, figures such as Cerf should generate us a sense of tranquillity” In this sense, the rector added that when “visionaries like him in his field continue to provide reflection on the evolution of technology and revolution in its use is when we can be sure we are in good hands, and that the future will take us towards a society educated in new technologies that will put the individual and, thus, humanism, at the centre of development“.


Graduation Ceremony of Degrees, Masters and Postgraduates of Architecture Promotion 2014-2015

Thursday June 9 was held at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL the graduation ceremony of Architecture, where diplomas of Architecture and Technical Architecture, Degree in Building Sciences and Technology and Degree in Architecture; Masters in Integral Management of Construction, Integrated Architectural Project, in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency and Postgraduates in Energy Efficiency, in Environmental Architecture and Sustainable Urbanism, and  in Rehabilitation, Diagnosis and Intervention Techniques were delivered.

The event, chaired by Josep M. Santos, General Director of the Campus La Salle URL, was also attended by the architect Josep Llinás Carmona, patron for this year’s graduates. The presidential table was formed by Enric Peña, Coordinator of Building Engineering of La Salle-URL; Dr. Carlo Gallucci, Vice Chancellor of International and Student Relations of the URL; and Dr. Robert Terradas, Director of Architecture at La Salle.

Josep M. Forteza Clavé, member of the Governing Board of the College of Building Supervisors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Barcelona (CAATEEB), and the Secretary of the Demarcation of Barcelona College of Architects of Catalunya (COAC), Pere Castelltort, made the awards to students with the best academic records of the promotion on behalf of the respective professional associations.

Awards ceremony of the second contest of Animation and VFX La Salle-URL

Last Sunday June 5 within the b’Ars festival, Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair, took place the award ceremony of the 2nd edition of the Animation and Visual Effects contest of La Salle-URL. The jury was composed by Felix Balbàs, director of the Degree in Animation and VFX La Salle and other faculty members.

Member of the jury Sergio Jiménez emphasized the high level of participation this year and made reading the jury’s decision stressing that “all jobs received show a great interest and dedication from participants, and in one way or another everyone can feel winners. Behind each work received hides great potential that we believe can develop and strengthen with time, dedication and guidance”.

The prize was divided into three categories: performing a script, character design, or creating an animation. The prize in each of the three categories was 30% scholarship for tuition for the first year of the Grade.

The winner in the script category was Paula Soler Torres, who presented a very well prepared and consistent work. In character design, the award went to Judith Batlle Farres, who “not only presented the design of a character that stands out by its clean lines, the quality of design, and the various poses, expressions and situations, but also tells a little story to contextualize and make sense, and thus the presentation of the character is much better understood and sticks out from the others”. Finally the prize in the animation category was for Cintia Sabater Vilchez, who presented a very complete piece combining a good job of script and blending different animation techniques in the same piece: 2D, stop motion and cut out.”It also contains small samples of illustration and rounds the piece with a good editing job with good, with good transitions and a good sound work”.


Apple invites for the second time a student of La Salle-URL to its world conference, WWDC 2016

Apple has selected for the second time a student of La Salle-URL, Pau Vila, to attend one of the world’s biggest events, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 (WWDC), where the novelties of the American company are presented to be held from June 13 to 17 in San Francisco. Pau Vila is currently studying third course of the Degree in Organization of ICT (OTIC) in La Salle-URL, pioneering studies training engineers that combine management and engineering knowledge, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, which makes it a very defendant profile in the business environment.

Apple‘s goal is to find young people who will be influential in the sector in the coming years. Apple selects 350 students from around the world to participate in its annual convention, attending various conferences, workshops and networking sessions with travel and accommodation included for up to 125 of them, as has been the case with Pau Vila. To be selected, Pau had to design an iPhone application that summarizes his academic and professional life, fill out a form about his abilities and future interests, and present a letter of recommendation. This year only four of all selected students are from Spain In addition, the selected group has been invited by a number of Silicon Valley companies as Twitter or Linkedin, to other workshops and visits during those same days.

Pau is 20 years old, and he is currently working in the department of technological risks in the consulting industry. Two years ago, with only 18 years of age, he created with some colleagues his first business project, the Clipcare startup. It was about an application of technical assistance that generates an automatic response according to the request for information or query received through an algorithm.

Pau Vila participation will be the second of a student of La Salle-URL in the WWDC since in 2014 Marc Expósito who is currently at MIT in Boston also had the chance to attend an Apple world conference.