La Salle-URL participates in the Built2spec, the European project to facilitate construction practices of the XXI century

acoustic-tool-BSRIALa Salle Campus Barcelona-URL participates in Built2Spec, a project funded by the European Union carried out by 20 European partners. The project involves universities, technological and industrial research centers and SME’s from Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Britain, using their expertise to create a successful project, which will expand on a platform of support for the construction, based on the virtual cloud. The project, coordinated by the French institution NOBATEK, started in 2015 and will last for four years.

The aim of Built2Spec it is to revolutionize the construction practices of the XXI century with the introduction of a new set of cutting-edge technological advances, for self-inspection and quality control of the work. These smart tools help professionals of construction to meet the objectives of EU energy efficiency and new building standards.

To achieve this goal, quality control and direct data download, for example, capture 3D features integrated into smartphones, infrared camera, integrated sensors for acoustic testing and indoor air quality will be developed.

The participation of La Salle-URL focuses on the field of acoustics. Its aim is to build a new source of omnidirectional sound (a source that emits the same noise level in all directions) that is not based on the use of conventional speakers. Thus, some of the problems as the issuance of a really high frequency omnidirectional field will be avoided. The new font, Omnidirectional Parametric Loudspeaker, works by hundreds of ultrasonic transducers arranged in a sphere. Each transducer emits an ultrasonic modulated signal with an audible signal, that the air itself is responsible for demodulating. The result is a highly uniform sound field in all directions at high frequencies.

The arrangement of the sound source and the microphones are automatically determined by geolocation with a procedure developed by Eurecat, and the results of the measurements are instantly transferred to the inspection platform.

European cooperation
  The other partners involved are: Eurecat, the main Technology Centre of Catalonia; from France, NBK, private French technology centre provides services in the design and evaluation of sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods. The French public school of architecture ESAN participates in Built2Spec through its laboratory CERMA specializes in urban design of architectural environments. And BLUE, French industry working in the field of development, manufacture and sale of high precision multi-gas analyzers.

VRM, British software company, specialized in developing business applications in the cloud, for evaluation and specification through the use of smart phone and tablet. And Unnot, British University specialist for the mitigation of the impacts and the adaptation to the climate change, the reduction of the use of energy in the built environment and the improvement of the comfort of building users.

Also ETH, Switzerland University, which participates in the project with its vision of Geometry Lab ORAN addition, Irish company whose products and processes of mechanical and electrical construction allow the structure to embed processes. By last, NUIG, Irish research unit, specialized in multidisciplinary area of energy efficiency in buildings, focusing on different aspects of energy simulation, BIM and measurement frameworks.

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