La Salle-URL presents its offer of Masters and Postgraduates in Barcelona’s Futura fair

4. Futura

La Salle-URL will be at Futura fair on March 24 and 25 to present its educational offer in Master and Postgraduate programs in the areas of MBA, technological innovation and ICT, management and digital transformation, digital marketing and e-commerce, engineering and architecture. The common denominator of all these studies is its internationalization and high employability.

As developments in the program next year, especially it highlights the launch of two executive programs for businessmen, managers and entrepreneurs in the areas of project management and digital transformation, forming leaders that manage these processes in businesses and organizations. The Executive Program in Digital Transformation of La Salle-URL will train these profiles to increase the competitiveness of their organizations through digital transformation with the addition of new digital technologies: they will be able to interact better with their customers, produce in a more agile and efficient way and provide the most suitable talent fostering collaboration and innovating with new processes, products, services and businesses. And in this same area but aimed at IT professionals and middle managers, La Salle-URL also offers the Technology Master in Digital Business Transformation. The Executive Program in Project Management specifically directs Portfolio Managers that are responsible for optimizing the efficient management of programs and projects, making decisions in controlled environments and managing high performance teams in uncertain environments.

Another addition to the program focuses on the area of Big Data and Data Analysis, with the Master in Data Science. Large volumes of data available today are causing the emergence of new professions, one of which is the profession of Data Scientist. Why do we want experts in Data Science in business? The main functions of these experts are to analyse, structure, filter, view and put all data generated in value, thereby improving the functioning of enterprises, not only in the economic field.

And the latest addition is the Master in Software Development and Architecture where these professionals who lead technical projects to create software from its knowledge in multiple processes involved, optimal design solutions, techniques and methods development is formed, validation tools and quality standards. The program is focused on acquiring skills specific from profiles with years of experience in the field of high-quality software development.


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