La Salle-URL grades start course with 35 nationalities first-year students


This week the welcome ceremony for new students at La Salle-URL took place. In an institutional event, Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle Campus Barcelona, addressed words to the students stating that “a new stage in their lives, in the university, begins”, a learning and personal growth time where they will do many friends and will establish professional ties that will last a lifetime, “asking them also a positive attitude that will make their time in the Campus much more profitable. The event was inspired by the famous “Game of Thrones” series, making visible the different “houses” represented by the studies of the Campus (Business, Animation, Engineering and Architecture) and the students have gone through a photocall inspired by the known “Iron Throne”.
Although students can still be enrolled, at this time the first year students come from 35 countries around the world, representing 18% of the total. Regarding the different degrees, the Engineering studies, which provide the highest number of students, maintain this general percentage of 18% of international students; the area of Architecture exceeds 55% of the students enrolled; the degree in Direction of Technology Companies has opened three groups that in 30% of the cases are international, although it should be noted that many Spanish students are also taking the English degree; finally in Animation, which started its third academic year, a third group was also opened, although due to its recent creation only 10% of them are international and it is expected to have a great projection in other countries in the next years.
At the welcome ceremony, representatives of the different areas of knowledge have spoken to the students to convey the DNA of La Salle that from now on will live in the Campus: interdisciplinarity, technology, innovation -in new studies and methodology-, entrepreneurship Through, above all, La Salle Technova Barcelona innovation park, creativity and internationality. Among them, Dr. Marc Arnal, director of the degree in Architecture, invited students “to use creativity as a tool to change society” and Chris Kennett, director of Undergraduate Business Programs, stressed that “a global mindset is essential for any leader “.
At the end of the event, students have created a mural to find out what the challenges are in the years that begin at the University, and have been able to meet and join the different social clubs of the Campus.
Before this welcome, at the beginning of September, these new students had the opportunity to meet each other in the “Welcome Week”, where after a first dynamic session to tighten ties between them and create a homogeneous group between the different areas, they participated in a gymkhana of discovery of the Campus and in specific workshops, among other activities.

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