La Salle-URL grades start course with 35 nationalities first-year students

This week the welcome ceremony for new students at La Salle-URL took place. In an institutional event, Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle Campus Barcelona, addressed words to the students stating that “a new stage in their lives, in the university, begins”, a learning and personal growth time where they will do many friends and will establish professional ties that will last a lifetime, “asking them also a positive attitude that will make their time in the Campus much more profitable. The event was inspired by the famous “Game of Thrones” series, making visible the different “houses” represented by the studies of the Campus (Business, Animation, Engineering and Architecture) and the students have gone through a photocall inspired by the known “Iron Throne”.
Although students can still be enrolled, at this time the first year students come from 35 countries around the world, representing 18% of the total. Regarding the different degrees, the Engineering studies, which provide the highest number of students, maintain this general percentage of 18% of international students; the area of Architecture exceeds 55% of the students enrolled; the degree in Direction of Technology Companies has opened three groups that in 30% of the cases are international, although it should be noted that many Spanish students are also taking the English degree; finally in Animation, which started its third academic year, a third group was also opened, although due to its recent creation only 10% of them are international and it is expected to have a great projection in other countries in the next years.
At the welcome ceremony, representatives of the different areas of knowledge have spoken to the students to convey the DNA of La Salle that from now on will live in the Campus: interdisciplinarity, technology, innovation -in new studies and methodology-, entrepreneurship Through, above all, La Salle Technova Barcelona innovation park, creativity and internationality. Among them, Dr. Marc Arnal, director of the degree in Architecture, invited students “to use creativity as a tool to change society” and Chris Kennett, director of Undergraduate Business Programs, stressed that “a global mindset is essential for any leader “.
At the end of the event, students have created a mural to find out what the challenges are in the years that begin at the University, and have been able to meet and join the different social clubs of the Campus.
Before this welcome, at the beginning of September, these new students had the opportunity to meet each other in the “Welcome Week”, where after a first dynamic session to tighten ties between them and create a homogeneous group between the different areas, they participated in a gymkhana of discovery of the Campus and in specific workshops, among other activities.

One of our students of the Master in Social Media, occupies the sixth place in the ranking of top influencers of Instagram in gastronomy in Spain

Mireia Casamada, student of the Master in Social Media coordinated by Gemma Vallet, occupies the sixth place in the ranking of top influencers of Instagram in gastronomy in Spain.

One of the students of the Degree of Technical Architecture and Building, Jordi Rocabert wins the prize for Best Final Grade Work of the Awards Catalunya Construcció 2017

One of our students of the Degree of Technical Architecture and Building, Jordi Rocabert, has won the Best Degree Final award at the Catalunya Construcció 2017 Awards of the Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers d’Edificació de Barcelona.

The project deals with the rehabilitation, restoration and change of the use of the north zone of the old textile factory of Can Balsach, in the district of the Creu Alta of Sabadell, which is currently in disuse and in phase of deterioration. The building is cataloged and has been an industrial heritage since the beginning of the 20th century. The project consists of actions like now the new work, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation. Aspects such as respect for the environment, non-generation of waste, minimum consumption of CO2 during the execution of the work and energy efficiency of the final building have been taken into account to evaluate the project. The complexity of bringing all these factors together in a single project involves a detailed program of control, management, organization and a clear understanding of the end result. The jury has chosen this project as a winner because of the great quality achieved in the work, which clearly shows the complexity of all the factors that influence the writing of a rehabilitation, reuse and conservation of heritage project. In addition, the jury has taken into account the good work on the control, management and organization program that have been very well detailed in the project.

At the same time, Enric Peña, Coordinator of Masters of Architecture of La Salle-URL, along with Miguel Roldán and Mercè Berengué, has won ex-aequo in the category Intervention in efficient building by the project “Espai Bombers Parc de la Prevenció de Barcelona“. In addition, one of our professors, Xavier Badia, has been a finalist in the category of the Beckett room, an international workshop for dramaturgy in Barcelona.

La Salle Technova sign a collaboration agreement with the Parc Ann Arbor Spark

La Salle Technova Barcelona has signed a collaboration agreement to connect the Ann Arbor SPARK Park located in Detroit (USA) and Technova, and its two ecosystems.

The objective is to put in contact start-ups, companies and investors located in the two parks, especially for the connected car sector.
The increase in drivers that use digital technology in their cars has increased in recent years. More and more vehicles have access to the Internet and a variety of sensors that allow them to send and receive information and interact with people, but also with other vehicles that are objects of their environment. With the collaboration agreement, both parks want to focus especially on the emerging sector of connected mobility and autonomous vehicles.
The agreement was signed in the framework of the meeting organized by the North American Division of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).

4 of La Salle-URL Masters, among the top spanish universities, according to El Mundo ranking

Three masters of La Salle-URL, and a fourth given in collaboration with Blanquerna, are among the best in Spain in their respective branches of knowledge, according to the master 250 Ranking published today by El Mundo.

This list, prepared annually by this newspaper, selects the five best graduate programs in 50 different specialties. The publication aims to raise awareness among students information on these courses, career opportunities, the practices offered by the universities and the duration of the programs. This year, La Salle masters that appear Ranking are:

To develop the ranking, the World has analyzed more than a thousand master’s State belonging to fifty specialties, and later were considered the five best universities to study these 50 degrees. The ranking is the result of the analysis of 25 criteria, divided into five sections: demand for master human resources, curriculum, syllabus, results and material resources. Likewise, it has also taken into account the assessment of more than 750 experts, professors, students, graduates of the institutions and partners, through an anonymous survey, assess which are the best schools to teach qualifications, strengths and weaknesses of the university and the quality of the master, among others.

We know the experience lived on the study trip to Shanghai of students of ADE

Marcos Munné, a Grade student in the direction of technology companies, explains his experience to Shanghai and in the Fudan University

If he had to describe the experience of living in Shanghai for two weeks it would be “WOW”. This word was the one that was most commonly used by all the students and teachers everyday whenever we discovered something new. The number of skyscrapers and their proximity to each other in the area of Pudong made many students to rethink of the actual size of Chinese economy and its power. It was absolutely amazing in all aspects. From the classes in the Fudan University of Chinese economy, marketing and foreign direct investment sessions to the visits to companies like Bosch, Volkswagen, BaoSteel and Ecopel. Students and teacher where able to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture at its fullest. They went to places where they didn’t know what they were ordering and the Chinese waiters did not even know how to say “Hi” in English. They had to negotiate with taxi drivers and find ourselves out to pick a taxi after 11pm because no one would stop to take them. They were also able to dance and have fun with Chinese people in different bars and clubs. They were given for free drinks, free access too many bars and they even took pictures of them just because they came from Spain. They went to many other place such as the fake market, the urban museum and the technology center museum. It was unbelievably outstanding in all senses.

Overall, this opportunity that is granted to the students is not because they pay the tuition fee… It is because all the staff of La Salle believes that this experience had to be granted to students like them, because they believe that to be on the road to success you need three different things:

  • To be global citizens
  • To be open minded

To be able to adapt to any circumstances.These three elements will catapult you to succeed way more than those around you. And just by going to this trip, students were “forced” to at least develop one of these three. Meaning that when they arrived back to Spain, they would come back much more mature and powerful than when they left.

Two of our students of Architecture win the Lamp Lighting 2017 Award

Two of our students of Architecture, Pau Garrofé and Sergi Sauras, have won the Lamp Lighting 2017 award.

The objective of the competition, Lamp Lighting 2017, is to reward projects that have managed to efficiently solve the architectural lighting of an interior or exterior space, creating a positive synergy between architecture, interior design, landscaping and The lighting The work of the students, entitled “In paraise of shadows“, was presented at the BCN 2017 Festival of Light and could be seen at the Frederic Marès Museum in Barcelona. The work has been chosen by the jury as the best in the category Students Poposals to capture shadows, an exquisitely illustrated and surprisingly executed proposal. All the elements of the production were very good according to the evaluation of the jury. In this category you will be taken into account that light that visualizes the time, that is, that the design of the lighting exists to create a comfortable moment. The translation of the work is “the praise of the shadow” and is a tribute to the homonymous work of the Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki, who affirmed that beauty is not found in objects, but in the play of Shadows and lights that produce these. An interactive experience was proposed in which people were the protagonists of a drama of constant movement.

550 students from 40 different countries participated in the competition. Aspects related to creativity, innovation and the sustainability of lighting projects have been assessed regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lighting used in the project. In the jury they have participated interior and exterior designers, architects and interior designers. From La Salle-URL we congratulate both Garrofé and Sauras to win this wonderful prize.

Students of the 3rd ESO of La Salle Cataluña present their social entrepreneurship projects in the closing ceremony of Eduemprèn

This past Saturday, June 17, the awards ceremony and closing of the program EduEmprèn, “Observes, Proposes and Transforms” took place, a social entrepreneurship workshop organized by La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL and La Salle Cataluña, where Participated during the whole course about 600 students of 3º of ESO of 11 schools of La Salle Catalonia.

The goal is to prepare young entrepreneurs committed to their environment and give students the tools to create their own social entrepreneurship project, finding a real problem in their environment, seeing their viability and transforming it into a reality. The projects presented address many areas such as people, organizations, environment and others such as recycling or health.
The closing ceremony was attended by 22 groups of students, about one hundred students, who publicly presented the project in which they have worked with an exhibition before the jury and answering their doubts, a sample of the poster, and an explanatory video. From 12.45pm, the participants and their families moved to the Cosmocaixa where the awards ceremony took place.
In total, 9 prizes will be awarded depending on the area of work (people, organizations, environment) as well as the best project, presentation, video and poster. The winning entries were:

  • Award for Best Project: Security Head Rest, by La Salle Montcada students who designed an ergonomic neck pillow that adapts the headrest of the car and offers greater security of the current systems. The students of the team are Andrea Morán, Gádor Alonso, Laia Pérez and Judit González.
  • Best Video Award: CardioFriendly Project by Nidae Aghmari, Paula Yin Carbonell and Monica Navarrete from La Salle Manlleu. Promotion and awareness in the school of the cardio-respiratory problems with the objective of obtaining a defibrillator by the Center.
  • Best Poster Award: Breathalyzer. It is a device that detects if the driver of a vehicle has consumed alcohol. If the driver is positive, he will not be able to start the vehicle. From the students of La Salle Tarragona Patricia Jiménez-Castillejo, Claudia Martos, Lucia Peralta and Silvia Riaño.
  • Prize to the Best Presentation for the project Decorazione de La Salle La Seu de Urgell. The project is a company selling on-line furniture and decorative objects made with recycled materials, intended for the consumer directly and with home delivery. The students are Maria Carbonell, Luz Gonzalez, Aleix Balsells, Jael Marcos and Ismael Canturri.
  • Prize in the Special category to Buff Anti-pollution of La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners. It is a Buff that incorporates a replaceable mask to filter the air. The students are Éric Rodríguez, Andrei Cimpoeru and Silvia Martos.
  • Prize in the Environment category for the “OLIX” project of the students of La Salle Cassà of La Selva Aiyanna Anguera, Roger Coris, Gina Miguel and Ferran Tubert. The project assumes that the majority of the population does not recycle household oil due to lack of time and difficulty. The project seeks to facilitate the way to recycle the oil through a container that would be deposited in the glass containers.
  • Prize in the category Solidarity Jewelry Organizations of La Salle Santa Coloma de Farners. Students Alex Rovira and Sara Bonet thought of a solution to find work for the disabled.
  • Prize in the People category, shared between two projects: Remember the students of La Salle Montcada Marta Monterde, Javier Ronco, Izan Viña and Jaime Nuez who designed an app to help people with senile dementia; And the other prize went to Actívate de La Salle Premià, a magazine to motivate people to have a healthier life. The team was formed by Patricia Liébanas, Gerard Comas, Isaac Martos, Marta Monllau and Mar Salas.


It launches the 12th edition of its School of Business Angels that will take place on 11 and 12 July at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The course will explain how to invest as a Business Angels in the hands of experienced investors and industry professionals.

La Salle Technova Barcelona, the innovation park of La Salle-URL, organizes the 12th edition of its School of Business Angels, which will be held on 11 and 12 July. This training teaches participants how to invest in startups in the hands of experienced investors and industry professionals. Its objective is to introduce the assistants in the mechanics of the investment, highlighting the most critical points of the process and explaining the most used methodologies.

Fostering an investment, entrepreneurial and risk management culture is the triple challenge of this program, which also helps to increase the investor’s safety when investing while developing their analytical capacity to identify investment opportunities. In addition, it will offer the possibility to be part of a real network of active Business Angels and attend one of its investment forums that will take place during the development of the School. Among the lectures scheduled during the two days, stand out those of Rousaud Costas Duran, the Catalan Institute of Finances, Impulse2Grow and VC, among others.

The program is structured in 5 modules through which students will deepen the entire investment process in entrepreneurial projects: Business Angel philosophy and own experiences, sources of flow flow and qualitative analysis, methods of valuation of companies with practical cases, aspects Legal and administrative aspects of the investment and the follow-up and success of the investees, as well as expanding the network of contacts in the world of startups and helping to take the first steps as an investor. For more information contact Karina Suntaxi (


Next Monday May 22 the building of the La Salle School of Architecture will host the exhibition “Mexico, contemporary architecture,” which is included in the activities of the Architecture Week of Barcelona that place until 26 May. The exhibition will remain open until mid-June.

The exhibition “Mexico, contemporary architecture” is a selection of the most famous architectural works built in Mexico City in the last 10 years by Mexican architects from different eras. The exhibition includes 55 recent projects in Mexico City, from building social, economic or ecological restoration or conversion and interventions in buildings classified.

Among others, the exhibition, curated by architect Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Soumaya museum exhibits panels, terminal 2 of the airport, the Centro Cultural Elena Garro, like a pedestrian bridge prefabricated. Also displays images and details of Garden Santa Fe Station Metrobus University Cultural Center, Garden natural Bicentennial Park, the Pavilion of Mexico for the cultural fair in 2014 and the improvement of urban square Juárez.

All buildings on display were built in the last 10 years, but the architects who designed them are aged between 28 years and 89 Raúl Morales Teodoro González de León.

Yesterday the Mexican Contemporary Architecture Exhibition of Mexico City was officially inaugurated with the Mexican Consul María Carmen Oñate Muñoz, who was very grateful to be part of the “soul of Mexico”. Josep M. Santos, Director General of La Salle-URL and Maria Àngels Torres, Director of the Department of the Generalitat of Barcelona, also participated in the inauguration of the Exhibition.

The exhibition organized by the College of Architects of Mexico City opened in June 2015 at the Institute of Mexico in Paris, and has since traveled to Mexico, Finland and Spain.