OIKOnet: a global multidisciplinary network on housing research and learning


On October 1st 2013 start the activities of OIKOnet, a pedagogic project funded by the Erasmus Multilateral Networks program of the European Union  whose purpose is to create an international platform of collaboration to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective. A total of 34 organizations from 29 countries in Europe and around the world are part of this network. The project will be coordinated by Prof. Leandro Madrazo from the La Salle School of Architecture and Engineering and will last three years.

OIKOnet is a follow-up of the previous OIKODOMOS Virtual Campus project which was carried out during 2007-2011.

OIKOnet brings together schools of architecture and urban planning, research institutes, social groups, transnational organizations and local administrations. Altogether, the interactions across different stakeholders and disciplines will provide new insights on the contemporary housing conditions, and will help to forge links between academia and the social and economic milieu, between research and learning, and between the European education space and other universities around the world.

If you are interested to participate in the OIKOnet activities as student, teacher, researcher, citizen or professional, or would like further details then please contact Prof. Leandro Madrazo (madrazo@salleurl.edu).


Axel Pons graduates in La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL

AxelPons_Graduado_LaSalleBCNOn the 4th of July, Axel Pons graduated from the International Degree in Management of Business and Technology at La Salle Campus Barcelona. Axel combined his University studies with his participation in the Moto2 World Championship for the past four years.
“It has been hard, evidenced by the fact that almost no one dares to take on elite motorcycling and studies at the same time, but in the end the graduation reward is paying more than all the efforts. I’d like to thank La Salle and all its teaching staff  that have made it possible for me to keep up with my studies despite continuous trips all over the world to participate in the Moto2 races“, said Axel.”
From La Salle, we also want to recognize his commitment and tenacity to achieve this academic degree which is taught entirely in English.  The young pilot has been an example of commitment and collaboration with his classmates.

Axel is not the only elite athlete studying this degree. It is also the case of Laura Konitzer, a German athlete who lives in Barcelona where she is training to try to compete with the German sailing team in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games This 19 year old  sportswoman  combines sport with her university education at La Salle.



Agreement between Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona and La Salle BCN

CaritasThe University of La Salle in Barcelona has signed a collaboration agreement with Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, official organization of the Barcelona Archdiocese, which aims to promote, guide, strengthen, coordinate and perform the charitable and social action of the Church for all people in need of help.
The agreement reached will allow a closer cooperation between the two institutions through the Organization of joint events and, especially, promoting voluntary work among university students of La Salle in Barcelona.
The director of Caritas Diocesana of Barcelona, Jordi Roglà, and the Director General of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL, Miquel Àngel Barrabeig, signed the collaboration agreement  in an official signing ceremony presided by the auxiliary visitor of La Salle Catalunya, Josep Guiteras.

Pattie Maes presents the advances of the MIT in portable interfaces, ubiquitous computing and augmented reality at La Salle BCN

Pattie MaesThis Monday, the MIT Media Lab´s fluid interfaces research group Founder and Director, Pattie Maes, carried out the Conference Designing Fluid Interfaces” at La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL. In her speech Pattie Maes presented the projects and progresses that are being achieved by the MIT and, additionally, she illustrated them through videos that showed their use and applications in the areas of study, memory, decision-making and collaboration.

Pattie Maes highlighted the importance of digital devices in all aspects of our lives. “We work with them, we communicate, we learn, we have fun, we express ourselves…,” said the founder and Director of the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group. She also explained how the way we interact with them has changed and evolved since personal computers were created more than 40 years ago. She said that” before it was a passive and disturbing experience meanwhile now is more and more, an active and conscious act”. In fact, MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group tries to radically rethink this interaction with the computer.

The Founder and Director of the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group presented some of the projects and progress that are being conducted in the field of portable interfaces, ubiquitous computing and augmented reality.

One of them is the Eye Ring, an intelligent vision system located in a ring. “It’s a portable interface which allows the user to receive information about the object, either in a visual or auditory way”, she explained. Another project is the LuminAR, which reinvents the traditional incandescent bulb and the desk lamp evolving into a device of information category. “This system allows users to receive information from visualized objects “, detailed Pattie Maes. Another of these advances is the so-called Smarter Objects, that “uses augmented reality to project images and data and to change the physical behaviour of the objects that surround us”, according to the American scientist. Waazam is also a project of the MIT and “enables users to build their own joint world without being in the same physical place“, said Pattie Maes.

The objective of the MIT Media Lab, as she reminded, is to create a more natural, consistent and integrated experience of digital devices in our physical lives and design and build devices that function as a natural extension of our minds, bodies and behaviours. Pattie Maes, also visited the facilities of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL and learnt about the projects carried out within the University.

The UMVA’s 2013 edition visits different quarters and cities

UMVAUMVA (Video Architecture Movile Unit) is a space of video projection carried out by students of the subject systems of representation from La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL.  The purpose of UMVA is to promote debate activities about the quarter and the city where it is located. This debate is possible thank you to the interaction between citizens and the architecture students collecting the experiences obtained about the quarter. During 2013 several workshops of the UMVA have had place offering the possibility of enjoying the talks of guest artists, where artists have presented their works and in which there has been some time dedicated to questions and corrections in the UMVA.
The first UMVA was organized in La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL on May 14th and counted with the participation of the architect and visual artist, Pau Faus, who was the guest artist of the day. The next one was two days later, on May 16th, in Can Fabra. On this occasion the guest artist was Miquel García. On the 21st May there was another meeting of the UMVA. In this case, at the civic centre of Barceloneta with the assistance of the video and new media director and guest artist, Xavi Hurtado. Two days later, on May 23rd  the UMVA was held in the Raval with the appearance of the artist Pep Agut. There was also an act in Can Felipa in which attendees enjoyed the visual artist Pep Dardanyà talk. Finally, corrections were made in Can Cuiàs on May 30th. You can find more information and videos on the website of the UMVA.

La Salle BCN hosts the V Congress of the KNX Spain

KNX-LogoThe V Congress of the KNX Association will have place at La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL  the following 26th and 27th June. In this Conference, which will commemorate the 20th anniversary of KNX Spain, the Association aims to demonstrate to all professionals in the sector that Smart Cities are a reality.
KNX is a leading system for control and automation of homes and buildings, with several projects running in five continents. KNX offers solutions for Smart metering, Smart Grids, electric vehicles integration in intelligent energy management and for the smart cities of the future.
In the exhibitions area, pioneer companies in the industry will display their products, services and solutions based on the world standard KNX. Some of the companies that have confirmed their participation are ABB, Dicomat-Wago, Dinuy, Gewiss Pebble brothers (Theben), Hager, Schneider Electric Philips and Siemens.
The Director of the Engineering Department of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL, Mr. Josep Maria Ribes, will participate in the event.

Access will be through registration on the website of KNX Spain, where it is also possible to consult the event program.

Technology beyond the age: lessons for senior citizens

lasalleuniversities_technologyforelderpeopleLa Salle Campus Barcelona – URL collaborates with Pere Tarrés Foundation by teaching the subject Information Society in the University Program for Senior Citizens (PUGG), an educational program designed for those over 55 years of age who want to keep learning. As a closing of the subject, the participants of the PUGG visited La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL facilities.  They saw the Motion Capture (MOCAP), in the Medialab, and learnt how it works. After this, they followed a practical and theoretical session on Robotics, carried out by Dr. Jordi Albó, an expert in this field, in which they could put together their own robot and check that it worked correctly.
They also discovered the different uses Robotics can have in today’s world and got to know some of the projects that La Salle has carried out in collaboration with other institutions in the field of therapeutic robotics, among which we find Patricia’s Project. This project is focused on the use of robots to make stay in the hospital easier for sick children.
The students of the PUGG considered the visit positive, enriching and a very rewarding experience.

La Salle BCN hosts the first Conference in Spain on reputation, safety and legality for online communication professionals

logo_FB_brandcareThe Congress “Brand Care, defend and protect your brand” will have place at La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL the following 4th of July 2013, in the Auditorium of Sant Josep building. It’s an onbranding event carried out in coordination with Microsoft Spain, Entiak and the Engineering Department of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL.
It is the first event in Spain on reputation, security and legality for online communication professionals. The congress includes these four areas (reputation, security, legality and communication) due to the detection of the need to improve the protection and care of both personal and commercial brands. It is aimed for professionals in these sectors, such as social media managers, community managers, lawyers specialized in online law and cybernetic and telematic crimes, security responsibles, programmers and country managers, among others.
Attendees will be able to acquire new knowledge on reputation such as SEO and SEM Web and Mobile(AppStore, AndroidMarket, FB Ads, twitter Ads and AdWords) penalizable techniques or  solve their doubts about online reputation and how to manage it. Regarding the legality scope, the congress will cover topics such as intellectual property or  telematic crimes and, finally, in terms of security, the congress will include aspects such as the Black Hat techniques to improve positioning, the security in social networks and devices, geolocalization, etc. In addition, a manual on reputation, security and legality for online and mobile communication professionals will be developed by all the professionals who attend (estimated to be around 100 people).

What’s going on in Almere?

lasalle_almere_2013You must be asking where are we in Almere project?  Well it is not a project any more, it is fully operational, we are offering courses, we have students, clients, and partners and of course new  prospects.

First of all, I would like to introduce the Small Dutch team of La Salle Campus Almere:
Academic Director: Laurentiu Neamtu
Operations & Admissions Manager: Leonie Willemse
Robotics Studies Director: Jordi Albó
Executive Program Director: Mona Jousset-Penn

We are a multi-disciplinary team, performing an array of tasks such as sales, marketing, web content management, CRM management even content edition thanks to Mona and her native English.

Our customers & partners:

  • We have signed an exclusive 3 years contract with a Dutch-South African global customer, named IRDETO. La Salle is managing the global training portfolio for IRDETO . Thus far, we have run 2 ITIL trainings for 31 IRDETO employees and we are planning  to run a series of management & coaching  and leadership trainings.
  • Partnering with WTC (World Trade Center) Almere and all its network of 300 WTC across the globe.

We will provide master classes in management, data mining and various other relevant international business topics to diverse businesses.

  • Partnering with newly created BIG DATA VALUE Center in Almere, We have been selected as education provider in the field of Big Data. La Salle will be launching the first data analytics in retail module in September 2013
  • Partnering with International Institute of Learning for UK certified courses, such as ITIL, Business Analyst and Lean Six Sigma
  • Partnering with Windesheim University in running  an E-commerce pilot module  in International Business created and administered by Paul Fox and Chris Kennett.  In addition to this, Professor Jordi Albó is collaborating in European projects specifically a robotics program .

La Salle, Almere would like to maximize the capacities of The Netherlands in the fields of supply chain management, gaming industry, New Town architecture and water management to offer all La Salle students  the opportunity to participate in  capstones .An added value for students is that The Netherlands  is home to some of the world’s most successful Dutch  and global corporations.

Three years running, we have successfully administered a  Supply Chain capstone for supply chain masters students from Barcelona.

Amal Le Collen
Managing Director
La Salle Campus Almere

La Salle – URL en la Fiesta de la Ciencia y la Tecnología de Barcelona

lasallebcn_jordi_albo_cienciatecnologiaEl centro universitario de La Salle en Barcelona participará activamente en la primera edición de la Fiesta de la Ciencia y la Tecnología de Barcelona que se celebra los próximos 15 y 16 de junio en el Parc de la Ciutadella de la capital catalana.

Los profesores de este centro universitario especializado en Ingenierías TIC, Arquitectura y Dirección de Empresas participaran en las siguientes ponencias:

¿Qué hace un ingeniero de telecomunicaciones en la Antártida?
Simó Graells, La Salle – URL.
Sábado 15, 19 h, Espacio Darwin.
En la Antártida no funcionan ni los teléfonos móviles, ni la wifi, ni a veces el satélite, pero una señal de radio puede recorrer más de 120 km y llegar directamente a casa nuestra. En la Escuela de Ingeniería de La Salle somos expertos en este tipo de comunicaciones.

El bosón de Higgs. ¿Cómo funciona un detector de partículas?
Xavier Vilasís y Cardona, La Salle-URL.
Sábado 15, 18 h, Espacio Darwin.
Últimamente, al CERN hemos oído hablar del descubrimiento del bosón de Higgs. Pero, como funciona un detector de partículas? Veremos de qué partes están hechos, como funcionan y que hacemos para obtener los datos que permiten afirmar que hemos descubierto una partícula.

Experimentos de física de partículas. Y esto, ¿para que sirve?
Xavier Vilasís, La Salle-URL.
Sábado 15, 11.30 h, Espacio Darwin.
Cuando se habla de experimentos de física de partículas, muchas personas se preguntan: y esto para que sirve? Veremos las aplicaciones de la tecnología desarrollada por los detectores de partículas, empezando por la imagen médica y acabando por el intercambio de datos: el web.

Presente y futuro de la convivencia con robots
Jordi Albó, La Salle – URL.
Sábado 15, 19 h, Espacio Tesla.
Descubre cómo son y serán las mascotas, las asistentes, los compañeros de trabajo y las parejas sentimentales con cerebros artificiales.
Del mismo modo que la revolución industrial y la máquina de vapor cambiaron la manera de vivir de toda la humanidad convirtiendo las personas en manipuladores de máquinas, la robótica sería el eje de la revolución tecnológica que ya ha entrado en nuestras vidas. Cómo convivirá con nosotros en el futuro inmediato y cómo evolucionará en el que nos queda de siglo?

La robótica y la educación en el siglo XXI
Jordi Albó, La Salle-URL.
Domingo 16, 12.30 h, Espacio Tesla
¿Cómo puede ayudar la robótica al aprendizaje? Cómo puede acontecer un complemento del personal docente a las aulas?
Vivimos momentos de cambio inmersos en una sociedad tecnológica en crecimiento exponencial. La robótica se presenta como una herramienta educativa que no sólo permite trabajar los conocimientos técnicos sino que también acontece una herramienta potencial para todas las otras disciplinas. En esta charla veremos como la robótica puede ayudar al aprendizaje, como puede completar la tarea del personal docente a las aulas, y como puede conectar comunidades académicas de cualquier lugar del mundo.

Robótica asistencial y terapéutica
Jordi Albó, La Salle-URL.
Domingo 16, 13.30 h, Espacio Franklin
La robótica parece destinada a tener un papel clave en un modelo social que sea económicamente sostenible.
La supervivencia humana ha aumentado mucho gracias a los adelantos tecnológicos. Vemos como cada vez más gente sobrevive a los accidentes y también como aumenta la esperanza de vida, y la robótica parece destinada a tener un papel clave porque este modelo social sea también un modelo económicamente sostenible. Mejorar las capacidades intelectuales y sociales de niños y niñas con necesidades especiales, entrenar capacidades cognitivas de gente con demencia senil, o simplemente tener un compañero que mejore nuestra calidad de vida son algunos de los proyectos que ya se están realizando en casa nuestra.

Los Serious Games (juegos serios)
Emiliano Labrador, La Salle-URL.
Domingo 16, 11.30 h, Espacio Tesla.
Se pueden mejorar las terapias de recuperación? Y cambiar los hábitos de alimentación y de consumo? Mejoramos la salud jugando!
Los Serious Games (juegos serios) son juegos que no tienen una finalidad lúdica, sino que sirven para modificar la conducta, como es el caso de la mejora en terapias de recuperación o la introducción de cambios en los hábitos de alimentación o de consumo. En el máster en Multimedia y Serious Games (MCDEM) de La Salle-URL se exploran estos ámbitos y los alumnos aprenden las técnicas necesarias realizando Serious Games para empresas y centros de salud.

Anímate y ven a descubrir la investigación y la innovación de excelencia que se hace en Catalunya. Participa de su proceso de creación y comparte las emociones de sus descubrimientos de la mano de sus protagonistas.