The ARC Engineering and Architecture Investigation Group of La Salle – URL take part in a new project of the Seventh Framework Programme

logo_ARC_SET13 (2)On October 23rd and 24th of 2013 has taken place in Athens the first meeting of the project “OPTIMUS –  Optimising the energy use in cities with smart decision support system”, financed by Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. This project is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens. The ARC Engineering and Architecture Group of La Salle – URL takes part as partner in this initiative, with three-years duration. ARC contributes to the project his experience in the development of information systems energetics using technologies of the semantic network, acquired along several projects of investigation carried out previously: INTUBE (2008-11) and SEMANCO (2011-14), financed by Seventh Framework Programme, and REPENER (2010-13), financed by the National Plan of I+D+i.

La Salle Universities will award prizes to the best social projects developed by European pre-university young for the fourth year

LSDREAMSLSdreams is an international contest promoting social responsibility among young people. Its purpose is to reward pre-university students from La Salle in Europe and the Middle East who have developed a project to improve their social environment from an Engineering, Architecture, Business management or Health Sciences approach.

LSdreams aims to transmit students a series of values inherent to La Salle, such as teamwork, innovation, creativity and problem solving. At the same time, LSdreams intends to promote the creation of vocations in the aforementioned fields.

To participate, interested students need to get organized into teams of 3 and develop projects in one of the four areas of knowledge. These projects need to seek the improvement of their surrounding environment and will be supervised by a tutor from their Center.

The winner team in each one of the four categories will be awarded a five-day trip to Rome for all the team members as well as for the tutor/representative of the school. The delivery of the diploma certificate will take place at the Generalate of La Salle. Additionally, the jury will grant an extraordinary LSdreams award, consisting of a cutting-edge electronic tablet for each member of the award-winning team and one for the tutor.

This educational project of international dimension, which seeks to promote dialogue, cooperation and friendship, has a support email address. Inscriptions can be done before the 31st October 2013 via the official Lsdreams website.

LSdreams is organised by La Salle Universities, a network of International Lasalian Universities consisting of seven colleges: the Polytechnic Insitute of La Salle Beauvais, l’École Catholique d’Arts et Métiers (Lyon), Groupe ESAIP Enseignement Supérieur (Angers), La Salle Mounier (Paris), La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, La Salle Campus Madrid and the Open University La Salle (UOLS).

Members of the Urubamba Project from La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL visit Peru putting in practice the first planned actions

PampallactaThis summer, some members of the Urubamba Project from La Salle Campus Barcelona moved to Peru to start acting on the ground, putting into practice the first planned actions and working on other ways of collaboration in the project. The experience was a very rewarding one, concluding that the international cooperation project is solid and of mutual enrichment.


The Urubamba Project is a social action and international cooperation project in line with the Lasallian spirit as well as the objectives of the UNESCO Chair in Education, Development and Technology of Ramon Llull University.

Urubamba was born thank you to the relationship linking La Salle to the town of Urubamba, where the institution manages a public school with the goal of uniting the rural villages of the Sacred Valley, at between 2800 and 4000 meters of altitude. The main problem in the area is that residents and students mostly speak Quechua and have little knowledge of Spanish. This reality hinders their schooling and access to higher education.

The Urubamba Project gained recognition last June when it was awarded the first prize of Aristos Campus Mundus for best practices in university cooperation for development, of an amount of 1000 Euros. The last two editions of the “Botifarrada Solidaria” (a solidarity party) of La Salle Campus Barcelona destined benefits to the project and the PROIDE (NGO for the development of La Salle Catalunya) Christmas lottery will dedicate part of its fundraising this year.

The following actions were carried out from July 22nd to August 2nd, in the course of La Salle Campus Barcelona visit to La Salle Urubamba ISP:

  • Radio La Salle: review of to improve the broadcast on the Internet, which was heard intermittently. Auditing and collection of data from all computers for technical documentation configuration and subsequent analysis by experts of La Salle Campus Barcelona. Furthermore the communities of Huilloc, Totora and Pampallacta were Geolocated in order to study the possibilities for the emission of Radio La Salle by using different technologies.
  • Teacher training: the training course “new technologies in the teaching environment – learning” was carried out. This course consisted of two workshops “ICT to KLT: introducing technologies in learning” and “New teaching methodologies for students’ motivation”, taught by Xavi Canaleta and Guillem Villa respectively. Teaching materials in subjects of video editing and digital photography were provided. And possible ways of working were defined in order to specify training through online educational content.
  • Digital repository for the Inca culture: a time was established for 2013-2014 detailing all project developments of the repository and the virtual museum creation.
  • Documentary: for the edition of a project’s documentary, 3 brothers from the community, 6 members of Radio La Salle, 5 teachers of computer science, the Mayor of Urubamba and different people from the rural communities were interviewed. Additionally, videos of all Urubamba and the surrounding area have been collected.

If you wish to receive further information about the Urubamba Project, you visit the  Facebook page or send an email.

3DayStartup: young undergraduates will create their own business in three days

3DSYoung undergraduates will create their own technological company in three days in the next edition of the 3DayStartup  on the 15th, 16th and 17th November in Barcelona. This is the challenge of this event, which has the aim to promote entrepreneurship and create new opportunities for young undergraduates.
To that end, young students of all educational profiles from universities of the whole country are invited, because the purpose of the 3DayStartup is the promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of new technologies and innovative development through the creation of solid and varied teams, which are essential to achieve business success.  Online inscriptions will take place until October 11th.
This year, the 3DayStartup celebrates its fourth edition in the country. There have been more than 70 editions in four continents.  This event started in the United States and since then 41 startups have been created, with a total investment of more than $10.5 million. Participating startups can continue to settle their foundations and successfully launch their company with the help of mentors and professionals. To carry out this activity the 3Day Startup will count with the support of the INLEA Foundation and its program linktoStart which will host two of the best projects in the phases of development of business project and launch of the start-up, with the support of La Salle Technova.
The organizers are a small group of professionals with one thing in common: they have all been entrepreneurs and are currently promoting entrepreneurship in Spain from different perspectives: Jacob SuñolPablo PantaleoniSonia Mulero.
For further information you can contact Elena García Pont via e-mail.


Increase in the demand of new professional profiles in Engineering

BREAKFASTThe first La Salle Breakfast session of the academic year 2013/14 analyzed the new technologies sector. “The cross-cutting nature of technology is creating new professional profiles and will increase the demand for new engineers in the coming years” pointed out the President of CTecno, Jordi William Carnes, who started by reviewing the conclusions of the tech sector barometer in Catalonia. In addition, he also stressed that “many technology multinationals in our country are affected by the pressure for quarterly results and the limited capacity for decision making at a local level”.  After the first intervention by  Jordi W. Carnes, a debate about the current state of IT had place in a round table with the participation of Lluis Pascual, director of banking and insurance of the HP Enterprise Group for Iberia;  Adolfo Sánchez, IT director of  Catalonia hotels and  Jordi Badia, Chief Technology Officer of  BBVA SaaS and Management and moderated by the director of La Salle Innova Institute and the  Higher Technical School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science of La Salle,  Dr. Francesc Miralles. The strategic character that technology should have in any kind of company was one of the main conclusions reached, as well as the challenge posed to the technology sector by the lack of vocations to study engineering and the absence of gender parity in the number of professionals employed by this business activity.

Award for a paper presented by ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle

logo_ARC_SET13 (2)The paper submitted by Leandro Madrazo and Alvaro Sicilia, from the Group ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle, together with German Nemirovski, of the Faculty of Business and Computer Science of  Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany, has won the  Best Paper Award at the International Conference “ICT for Sustainable Cities”  which took place in Nice from the 8th to the 11th September 2013. In this Conference 39 papers were presented, all of them research works on the application of information technologies for the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings and cities. The award-winning paper presents the work done in the project SEMANCO coordinated by ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle with the finality of building an integrated platform of semantic data and tools to improve energy efficiency in the city.

The Rector of UOLS joined the steering Committee of the IALU

lluis-vicent-uols-2013The Rector of the Open University of La Salle, Dr Lluís Vicent, has become member of the Steering Committee of the International Association Lasallian Universities (IALU) on behalf of the European Lasallian universities.
The Steering committee chaired by Bro. Carlos Gómez is also formed by the Vice President, the General Director of the Polytechnic Institute of La Salle Beauvais, Phillippe Choquet, and the directors of other regions of the world: Bro. Bill Mann, for the United States; Bro. Miguel Valdez, for Mexico; Bro. Paulo Fossatti, for South America and Bro. Victor Franco, for the Asian continent.
With this appointment, which was made effective this month of September, Dr. Lluís Vicent takes over from Bro. Miquel Àngel Barrabeig, who held this position up to now.

Xavier Vilasís, professor from La Salle-URL, offers the commencement speech for the second promotion of the Inno+Talent 25

Innotalent_LaSalleBCN_03OCT13 (1)HP Barcelona International Centre successfully accomplished the 2nd Edition of the young talents program Inno+Talent25,  lead by HP Barcelona in collaboration with  La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL and Leitat Technological Center. On this occasion, the physicist and coordinator of the PhD program of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL, Xavier Vilasís, carried out the commencement speech for this new promotion at a ceremony held on Thursday 27th September. The program Inno+Talent25 welcomes young graduates in engineering and scientific careers with the aim of promoting the development of talent through innovation and dual training. The program prepares students for their incorporation to the labor market with expertise in state of the art technologies and their application in industry, finance and project management. Of the 50 students that graduated in the first two promotions, 24 were hired by HP and the rest found jobs in a short space of time.
Academic training is provided by La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL during the two years of the program, within the students working time. The collaboration of this university allows students to validate the knowledge acquired as part of the Master in Project Management of La Salle – URL, a master of recognized prestige which has the international endorsement of the Project Management Institute. Leitat technological center, which is also the promoter of the project from the very start, collaborates in the promotion and the selection of the graduates, manages recruitment and provides an individualized follow up during the entire program.
The physicist Xavier Vilasís was chosen to give the commencement speech for this promotion because of his talent and international experience, for his collaboration in the Alba synchrotron and his current participation in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research). In his speech he reminded graduates about the “responsibility that talent entails” and stressed the importance “of the passion for learning; through excellence, challenges, values, and above all, through the team”, quoting the proverb “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together“.

The president of CECOT will give the opening lecture of the new academic year of La Salle-URL’s masters

La-Salle-BCN-Antoni-Abad-set-2013The inaugural lecture of La Salle-URL’s masters for the academic year 2013-14 will be carried out by the president of the Catalan Trade Association CECOT, Antoni Abad. The importance of training and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises will be one of the keys of the speech that will mark the beginning of the course in which the institution will give 55 degrees of masters and postgraduate courses. The commitement to professional programs in the field of technology will be one of the distinctive features of this new course.

The event, that will bring together all the students on the third cycle of the University center of Engineering, Architecture and Business Management areas, will take place on Thursday, September, 26th at the Conference Room of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL at 7 pm.

La Salle R&D participates in a project linked to new networks of electric distribution

Smart GridsLa Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, through its R&D Department, is participating in the project INTEGRIS, INTelligent ELectrical GRId Sensor Communications. This initiative funded by the European Commission is coordinated by Endesa. Other companies such as Indra, Marvel, Schneider Electric and the Tampere University of Technology also participate in the project.

The project aims to design and develop an infraestructure of telecomunications robust and flexible and able to obtain and channel efficiently and in real time all the information required by new intelligent network of electric distribution.

This initiative, in which La Salle participates, has a duration of 30 months and a budget of close to 5 million Euros, funded by the European Commission in more than 60% and will allow an optimum management of the supply and demand, as well as the minimization of losses, the improvement of the assets management and an easier operation of the network.