La Salle-URL commitment to internationalization of its programs and new methodology Learning by Challenge

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL presents in the Catalan education fair ‘Saló de l’Ensenyament 2017’ its training offer for 2017-18, which highlights internationalization increasing its offer in studies 100% in English and the addition of two three-year new degrees in Computer Science and Multimedia.

For the academic year 2017-18 one of the most important programs is the new Degree in Computer Engineering 100% in English. This is the only degree program in Barcelona that will provide the needed knowledge and skills to cope with the new demands of the international computer industry and global economy, and will include two stages that will bring real international experience of global culture and economy. La Salle also offers the possibility of studying other programs in English, as in the case of Degrees in Architecture, Animation & VFX and Management of Business and Technology, where students can choose to study entirely in English from the beginning.

The other big news for next year is a double degree that combines the Degree in Computer Engineering -entirely in English- with the Degree in Management of Business and Technology. This will allow to get in 5.5 years both official degrees and have a global training in the two main fields of projected growth. The aim of this initiative is to provide businesses people with a unique professional profile to facilitate their rapid incorporation into the workplace. Degree in Management of Business and Technology can also be taken independently.

La Salle undergraduate range of courses that will be presented at the Education Fair ‘Saló de l’Ensenyament’ is completed with two degrees in Architecture and Construction, a Degree in Animation & VFX -which will reach its third edition the upcoming course-, as well as a total of seven engineering degrees, among them Degree in Multimedia Engineering (Videogames mention) -which celebrates 20 years since its creation-, Degree in Electronic Engineering (Robotics mention), as well as other degrees in the fields of Computer Science, Telematics, Telecommunications, ICT and Audio-visual.

A new methodology: Learning by Challenge

La Salle-URL applies an innovative new methodology, Learning by Challenge, which enables students to acquire skills and knowledge through solving real challenges posed by companies, institutions or organizations with an interdisciplinary approach, cross-cutting interlinked areas and thus facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology. The idea is that students of La Salle can be able to be innovative, creative and implement solutions to real problems.

Innovation and technology, La Salle’s DNA

Technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and internationality are the basic elements that define the DNA of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The university trains students to lead the change in a global world. The vast majority of students now entering the university will probably work in a profession that doesn’t exist yet and for companies that have not yet been created. At La Salle their skills in these areas will be enhanced so they can take on the challenges of tomorrow with guarantees of success.

La Salle-URL makes a commitment to technology, which is present not only in the technological programs such as the ones in Management in Business or ICT, but also to all the other degrees. New technologies are the engine of change and La Salle-URL prepares students to work with the latest technologies, and to create and develop the technologies of tomorrow.

La Salle also promotes the development of innovation for the creation of new business projects through La Salle Technova Barcelona, the innovation park on campus offering start-up accelerator and incubator services whose can benefit all students. In 2016 La Salle Technova Barcelona was among the Top 10 of European accelerators by the European Accelerator Report.


3rd edition of the Animation & VFX contest of La Salle-URL

Applications are now open for the Animation & VFX contest of La Salle-URL. Deadline for submitting projects is June 1 at 18:00.

The contest will award the best works of animation and visual effects in three different categories. Each awarded project will receive a grant of 30% in enrolment in the Animation & VFX Degree of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL for the course 2017-2018.

Participants may submit three types of work, and be eligible to win any of the three categories. ‘Design a character’, with any artistic technique (traditional or digital, sculpture or drawing) and applicable to any content (TV series, animation, videogames, advertisement or film); ‘Writing a script synopsis of a film’, 2-3 pages, animation or action of life (live action) with VFX; or ‘Creating a short animation’, with any animation technique.

The works submitted in each category will be evaluated by the jury considering the following criteria: technical quality, creativity and originality, project feasibility and degree of innovation provided.

The jury is chaired by Fèlix Balbàs, director of the Animation Degree of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The awards will be announced on June 11 in the b’Ars Festival.

You can take a look at the winning projects of the first two editions: first year winner and second year winner. In addition, you can check a summary of all the works presented the first year and second year.
For registration and further information visit the contest web .

La Salle shows university life to youngsters during the University Demoweek, from 17 to 19 January 2017

La Salle University Demoweek is a week (January 17-19) when La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL organizes a range of workshops and free lectures for students (high school and vocational training), schools and teachers, so they can be in touch with reality of university studies and thus have tools to help them choose their pathway to university.

The workshops will be held for the following areas: Architecture, Engineering, Animation & VFX and Management, and will allow young people to have a clear idea of how they can be trained at La Salle throughout their university life. Attendees will learn these areas through workshops in the following fields: digital entrepreneurship, animation and visual effects, pet robots and artificial intelligence, how to produce a video game, Radiolab, Apps Inventor to create an application for Android, the tightrope walker robot, building a LEGO Mindstorms robot and ethical hackers. In addition, there will be specific discussions about why to study a degree in one of these four areas, and conferences to develop skills for the future on issues such as the maker movement (why to do physical things in the digital era), how to develop a business based on an idea and the new professions in which we will work in 15 years.

Looking ahead to teachers, there will be specific sessions where new methodologies applied to training will be explained. One of these will talk about gamification, and will be a workshop where resources and practical models on different innovative teaching methods that can be entered easily to increase student motivation will be provided. Another will be on STEAM classroom methodology, analyzing the difficulties encountered in schools to incorporate important advances in robotic platforms and to develop interdisciplinary projects, proposing practical solutions and seeing success stories and educational guidelines. The last workshop for teachers will focus on design thinking in education, an approach of innovation focused on the human being that will help students to think of new and different way.

You can consult all the information and register here

La Salle-URL participates in a succesful first edition of the Barcelona World Games

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL has participated in the first edition of the Barcelona World Games, which has closed its doors with more than 120,000 visitors.

The showroom, organized by the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI) and Fira de Barcelona, has achieved its goal of becoming a benchmark in Spain. The number of participants has exceeded expectations, which set an attendance of 100,000 people, 70 titles exposed and over 1,000 games available to try on premises.

The Barcelona World Games showroom at Montjuïc venue

The showroom has had various areas, an exhibition area where videogame brands have announced their upcoming releases; an Arena space with live competitions with some of the top professional players; a leisure outdoors to enjoy street food, relaxation and break time proposals related to manga culture, DJs and musical performances; exclusive activities for professionals, conferences and workshops.

The stand of La Salle-URL was informing all interested audience in pursuing careers related multimedia world, videogames and animation, as well as organizing a conference on how to create your first videogame. Alun Thomas, professor at the Multimedia Engineering Degree of La Salle and expert in videogames was responsible for delivering the speech “Zombies! How to learn to make your first videogame” that managed to captivate listeners with all guidelines to turn ideas into a real game.

In addition, visitors were able to learn some of the most recognized characters in the world of videogames as the voice of Super Mario, Tekken’s creator or the director of Final Fantasy, as well as having the opportunity to attend more than 30 conferences intended for lovers of multimedia world.



Awards ceremony of the second contest of Animation and VFX La Salle-URL

Last Sunday June 5 within the b’Ars festival, Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair, took place the award ceremony of the 2nd edition of the Animation and Visual Effects contest of La Salle-URL. The jury was composed by Felix Balbàs, director of the Degree in Animation and VFX La Salle and other faculty members.

Member of the jury Sergio Jiménez emphasized the high level of participation this year and made reading the jury’s decision stressing that “all jobs received show a great interest and dedication from participants, and in one way or another everyone can feel winners. Behind each work received hides great potential that we believe can develop and strengthen with time, dedication and guidance”.

The prize was divided into three categories: performing a script, character design, or creating an animation. The prize in each of the three categories was 30% scholarship for tuition for the first year of the Grade.

The winner in the script category was Paula Soler Torres, who presented a very well prepared and consistent work. In character design, the award went to Judith Batlle Farres, who “not only presented the design of a character that stands out by its clean lines, the quality of design, and the various poses, expressions and situations, but also tells a little story to contextualize and make sense, and thus the presentation of the character is much better understood and sticks out from the others”. Finally the prize in the animation category was for Cintia Sabater Vilchez, who presented a very complete piece combining a good job of script and blending different animation techniques in the same piece: 2D, stop motion and cut out.”It also contains small samples of illustration and rounds the piece with a good editing job with good, with good transitions and a good sound work”.


La Salle participates in Animac, the International Animated Film Festival

0A84olIMFrom February 25th on, the animated film festival “Animac“ will take place in Lleida and will last 4 days. After confirming the success of the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Animation & VFX, La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL will be present in this event. Felix Balbàs, the Bachelor’s Director, with an international experience of more than 20 years, together with a delegation of students will present their practical and theoretical experience in the new Bachelor Degree showing some of their projects.
Animac is the International Animated Film Festival which celebrates its 20th edition in 2016. During these four days, there will be talks and workshops but also projections of feature-length and short animated films. This edition will count with the presence of great importance guests in the world of animation. The programme, under the motto Feminine Futures, incorporates international scope professionals and will be focused on the female role, which is increasingly more relevant in the animation world. For this reason the Portuguese director Regina Pessoa (special guest) has been invited. The festival will count also with the assistance of the co-creator and the director of the series “Oyster Boy”, Fabien Limousin and Violette Teyssier; Shamik Majumdar, from The Walt Disney Company, or Yolanda Alonso, from Cartoon Media, among others.
If you want to register or further information visit Animac’s official web page.
The 20th edition will take place in the city of Lleida from February the 25th to the 28th.