Alumni Elena Gimeno Bayés has won the CSCAE logo design contest

We congratulate Elena Gimeno Bayés, a former student of Architecture at La Salle-URL, for being the winner of the CSCAE logo design contest to create the new corporate image of the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE).

The proposal was developed along with Enrique Pareira, graphic designer and Elena’s partner at V&BA, an architectural design and graphic communication studio. Before submitting the project they worked hard to present a flexible and adaptable proposal. Studio’s aim was to create a common space to offer sensitive and creative solutions to spatial and visual communication problematics. Their idea was to adapt to the needs of customers a clear, direct and precise language. Their first works were mainly in web and graphic communication, while currently beginning to emerge works directly related to the field of architecture.

In this profession projects presented by men are more recognized rather than the ones presented by women, and Elena Gimeno wanted to reflect on this issue. She believes the passion that women architect have about their profession should be spread, since generally the work of male architects is more recognized. Presence of women architects in the educational and professional fields has to be promoted in order to guarantee their representation in nowadays society, she said.

In her interview with the CSCAE she says that to improve the current situation architecture should be brought over society, so employment opportunities could be boosted. She believes that not only the work of the architect should be valued, but also should be communicated what is it for. We wish good luck to Elena Gimeno Bayés, a great architect involved with what she does.

3rd edition of the Animation & VFX contest of La Salle-URL

Applications are now open for the Animation & VFX contest of La Salle-URL. Deadline for submitting projects is June 1 at 18:00.

The contest will award the best works of animation and visual effects in three different categories. Each awarded project will receive a grant of 30% in enrolment in the Animation & VFX Degree of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL for the course 2017-2018.

Participants may submit three types of work, and be eligible to win any of the three categories. ‘Design a character’, with any artistic technique (traditional or digital, sculpture or drawing) and applicable to any content (TV series, animation, videogames, advertisement or film); ‘Writing a script synopsis of a film’, 2-3 pages, animation or action of life (live action) with VFX; or ‘Creating a short animation’, with any animation technique.

The works submitted in each category will be evaluated by the jury considering the following criteria: technical quality, creativity and originality, project feasibility and degree of innovation provided.

The jury is chaired by Fèlix Balbàs, director of the Animation Degree of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The awards will be announced on June 11 in the b’Ars Festival.

You can take a look at the winning projects of the first two editions: first year winner and second year winner. In addition, you can check a summary of all the works presented the first year and second year.
For registration and further information visit the contest web .

Anna Carsi will represent La Salle-URL at ‘Imagine Express 2017’

Multimedia engineer and current student of La Salle-URL’s Master in Multimedia Creation, Anna Carsi, has been chosen to represent La Salle-URL in the ‘Imagine Express’ contest.

The program is designed to generate business in the mobile sector, and takes place over a 4-day trip by train from Barcelona to Paris and London during the Mobile World Congress.

Participants (12 creative minds, 12 computer engineers and 12 entrepreneurs), who do not know each other in advance, will be challenged to form groups of 3 in order to generate applications (mobile applications) for one of the four strategic sectors Fin Tech, Smart Cities, Water or Health.

The ideas will be presented to investors in London and the best team from each sector will receive mentoring to carry out their project successfully. Once in Barcelona, entrepreneurs will present their project at the Mobile World Congress and will be installed in business incubators of the city.


Francesc Abajo, architecture student from La Salle-URL, is one of the 10 winners of Arquia Foundation’s design competition

Francesc Abajo, architecture student at La Salle-URL, has won one of the 20 scholarships awarded by Arquia Foundation for the development of professional practices in European architecture studies. 10 of these grants were awarded through a competition and the other 10 by qualifications in the academic record. More than 800 students or architects participated in both modalities.

An overview of the proposal

Abajo participated in the competition modality. The aim for enrolled students was to design an architectural project that simulates a space of silence in a big city, a place to feel solitude and silence, like a vacuum chamber. To do this, contestants had specific location and size guidelines to be met when designing their projects.

The location should be Plaça de las Glòries in Barcelona, a natural environment where the Urban Canopy project -real winner of the contest organized by Town Hall- already had been consolidated.

Top view

Abajo chose to unite the earthly and spiritual in its design ‘Enclosed Nature‘. This is a project that serves as a reflection to unite human constructions, the city and nature, building a unique location.

His work consists of three phases that lead park visitors to different sensory states as he discovers construction, designed by way of layers -radial circles.

Plan and elevation of Francesc Abajo’s proposal, ‘Enclosed Nature’

In the first phase, a different view of the park, more contemplative, is experienced. In the second, the visitor is immersed in the shadow of the building and intuits the path by the light coming from the central space. And in the last, the peak sensory experience is reached in a space where the protagonist, a large tree, filters the light through its branches.

With this project, Abajo has positioned itself as one of the winners of an Arquia scholarship, with which he will have the chance to work for six months as trainee in Alberto Campo Baeza’s office, and which will also grant 7,000 euros for his accommodation costs.

Delivery of scholarships will take place in an act under the V Forum Arquia on 19, 20 and 21 October. The expenses of stay and transport of the winners also run by the Foundation.

Recognized professionals will participate in this forum, including Professor of La Salle-URL Eugeni Bach. The lawyer will act as a speaker at a panel discussion on the future of architecture.


Isaac Galiana, architecture student from La Salle-URL, winner of the Catalunya Construcció 2016 award

The Executive Project for a floating house in Amsterdam, from Isaac Galiana, student of School of Architecture La Salle-URL,  was awarded Best Final Project in Catalunya Construcció Awards 2016, delivered last June in Barcelona. Galiana was ex aequo along with Andrea Fernandez Albizuri, from UPC Barcelona, who participated with a rehabilitation project of 127 buildings located in Boulevard Didouche Mourad of Algeria.

In the category of Final Degree Awards, which were given for the first time in this 13th edition, a total of 16 applications from different schools in Catalonia were presented, five of which were finalists. Throughout the contest 96 nominations were presented, divided into five different categories corresponding to works completed between 2014 and 2015.

Catalunya Construcció 2016 Awards were presented on Thursday, June 30 at Night of the Construction of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Barcelona. With professionals and entrepreneurs in the construction sector the event was attended by over 500 people. The awards ceremony was chaired by Josep Rull, Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Jordi Gosalves, President of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Barcelona (CAATEEB).

These awards, which have the support of the College of Quantity Surveyors of Catalonia and Arquinfad, aim to recognize the efforts of professionals and companies in the construction process and reward people who, through their work, contribute to improving the quality, management, sustainability, innovation and safety in construction.


Professor Josep Ferrando winner of the Delta Opinion Award ADI-FAD 2016 for the Biennale chair

Professor Josep Ferrando has won the Delta Award ADI-FAD 2016 in the Opinion category for the Biennale chair. The object wasdesigned by Ferrando and produced by Figueras International Seating, which recognizes the best produced or marketed international designs over the last two years in Spain.

Biennale is a modular and flexible seat made only with sustainable timber and manufactured industrially from traditional processes. From the concept it was intended to project a pattern away from classical geometry, devoid of seams and joints in other materials.

Biennale chair
Biennale chair, designed by architect Josep Ferrando and produced by Figueras International Seating

A year ago, the architect Josep Ferrando and Figueras International Seating initiated a collaborative project to create a chair for collective spaces and, in particular, religious spaces. The Biennale chair emerged from this research that explored the act of sitting in a circle in ritual ceremonies. The idea was presented within the exhibition the Catalan architect led to the XIV Biennale Architettura di Venezia, called “In Progress Matter and Light”.

The Delta Prizes are awarded biennially in recognition of the work of industrial designers and production companies, and aim to celebrate excellence in the design and highlight its importance as a privileged tool for generating wealth in an industrial economy. Since 2011, the Delta Prizes and ADI Medals are held under the FADfest, an event that emphasizes the power and wealth of Barcelona in the field of design.


Awards ceremony of the second contest of Animation and VFX La Salle-URL

Last Sunday June 5 within the b’Ars festival, Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair, took place the award ceremony of the 2nd edition of the Animation and Visual Effects contest of La Salle-URL. The jury was composed by Felix Balbàs, director of the Degree in Animation and VFX La Salle and other faculty members.

Member of the jury Sergio Jiménez emphasized the high level of participation this year and made reading the jury’s decision stressing that “all jobs received show a great interest and dedication from participants, and in one way or another everyone can feel winners. Behind each work received hides great potential that we believe can develop and strengthen with time, dedication and guidance”.

The prize was divided into three categories: performing a script, character design, or creating an animation. The prize in each of the three categories was 30% scholarship for tuition for the first year of the Grade.

The winner in the script category was Paula Soler Torres, who presented a very well prepared and consistent work. In character design, the award went to Judith Batlle Farres, who “not only presented the design of a character that stands out by its clean lines, the quality of design, and the various poses, expressions and situations, but also tells a little story to contextualize and make sense, and thus the presentation of the character is much better understood and sticks out from the others”. Finally the prize in the animation category was for Cintia Sabater Vilchez, who presented a very complete piece combining a good job of script and blending different animation techniques in the same piece: 2D, stop motion and cut out.”It also contains small samples of illustration and rounds the piece with a good editing job with good, with good transitions and a good sound work”.


New Multimedia & Video Games contest for a scholarship in the Degree of La Salle-URL

flyer_concurs_multimèdiavideojocs4-1La Salle-URL has launched the Multimedia & Video Contest. Registration is open from March 9th coinciding with the celebration of Saló de l’Ensenyament (the main education fair in Barcelona) and participants can send the material until June 20th, 2016. The contest will award the best video game design work that will receive a 30% discount for the enrollment in the Degree in Multimedia Engineering of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL for the course 2016-2017. Participants must present a document from the template provided, conceptualizing a video game design. The best work will be selected by the jury considering the following criteria: originality, game design, world design, audio design and user interface. The jury is chaired by Emiliano Labrador, Director of the Master in Multimedia Creation (MCM) and professor of Gamedesign in the Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Engineering of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The jury will also be composed by professionals of the video game industry. You can find more information on the contest rules in our website.

A student of La Salle-URL wins an international programming contest

daniel-vea-imageDaniel Vea, student of the degree of Engineering in Electronics at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL won a first prize of the contest Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge organized by CERN and Intel. More than 1,000 students from all around the world have participated in the contest. Based on the papers presented, a winner, 3 first prizes and 3 second prizes were decided. Daniel Vea won a first prize and the award is a guided tour at CERN in Geneva, and 3,300 euros for the trip.
The aim of the competition was to optimize a code that simulated the development of brain cells. The challenge for the contestants was to reduce the execution time of the program to help study neurological diseases more quickly. A professor of Newcastle University developed the original code with a running time of about 45 hours. Daniel Vea managed to reduce the time to 11 minutes, a result that led him to occupy one of the first places in the ranking. The ‘Grand Prize’ was for Mathieu Gravey, a French student of 25 who can take an internship at CERN Openlab.
The evaluation by the jury was based on the execution time of each code and, in case of a tie, in its originality and simplicity. The function of the program will serve to advance in the understanding of the brain tissue mechanisms of development that range from genetics to spatial and temporal factors. In this regard, it will help to identify the causes and possible treatments for neurodevelopmental diseases such as epilepsy, autism and schizophrenia.
Through this competition, Daniel has had the opportunity to meet industry professionals and has received an offer to study for a doctorate at the University of Newcastle in England, where the University teacher and creator of the original code teaches.

43% increase in the number of teams registered for the 5th edition of LSdreams competition

LSDREAMSLa Salle Universities started the 5th edition of LSdreams competition with a videoconference with all participants. This edition has experienced an increase of 42,8%. So far a total of 120 teams and 320 participants have registered. There has also been an increase of 62,5% in the number of participating centers. With these numbers, the consolidation of the international competition is clear, due to the participation of teams from other European countries and, specifically, from the Middle East. LSdreams rewards pre-university students from the RELEM region of La Salle who have developed a project to improve their social environment from one of the areas of knowledge of La Salle (Engineering, Architecture, Management and Health), and with the supervision of a tutor. During next week, the adventure begins for participants.