Architecture alumni raise funds for the construction of a preschool in the most underdeveloped South Africa

A group of alumni of La Salle-URL along with other young architects are the creators of Uncedo, an NGO working in underdeveloped areas of South Africa from more than two years.

These young architects believe in architecture as a tool for social transformation and work with the most disadvantaged communities at risk of social exclusion, making efforts to promote social change and advance the management of construction quality and safety that these areas much needed.

They are currently in the process of building an elementary school in the township of Joe Slovo (South Africa). The poverty of the area and the lack of structure and means impede a universal right to children: the right to basic education. Its goal is to build a preschool with capacity for all children in the district and to provide them with health, safety and optimal study conditions.

The township of Joe Slovo is located on the outskirts of the city of Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and has an approximate population of 9,000 inhabitants. A township is an underdeveloped urban area that was created during apartheid to house and control the non-white community. This group has long been facing various social problems due to lack of resources and social exclusion.

The construction in this district is not regulated by the government, who gives the land but does not manage urban development, causing that the houses do not follow an order and that the access to basic services such as potable water, electricity or wastewater management is very limited. The child population of this community is who suffers more directly these shortcomings.

The school will consist of a space with 3 separate classrooms, a bathhouse with running water and waste management and an office where teachers will be able to prepare their classes and attend parents. They also want to provide the project with a school canteen in order to facilitate the necessary food to each of the district’s children.

They started the foundation and work on the structure last December but still lack financial resources to achieve the goal of building a proper school for children. The NGO needs 2,000 € to complete the construction and equip with school supplies and furniture.

From Uncedo they believe in the power of architecture as a tool to social improvement, and that a small gesture can achieve great goals. That’s why all the contributions from 40 € will receive a solidarity fabric bag that has been designed especially for this occasion.

If you want to participate in this project and manage to build a school where these children at risk of social exclusion have access to education, you can make your donation through this link.

Two-sided conversation with Vinton Cerf, father of the Internet and Vice President of Google, and Andreu Veà, Digital Champion for Spain at the European Commission

The best way to predict the future is to invent it! (Alan Kay), under this title, on Monday June 20 will be held at La Salle-URL a two-sided conversation between Vinton Cerf, “father of the Internet” and Vice President of Google, and Andreu Veà, Digital Champion for Spain at the European Commission. Vinton Cerf is ahead of its time, a visionary person who imagines and helps create the future. Along with Andreu Veà they will talk about the past and envision a future that for many is already present, debating what the new transformation toward which we are heading is.

Vinton Cerf has been widely recognized as the “father” of the Internet for his continued work as a researcher and for his leadership of the community of this network of networks in its difficult years of development. It is one of the leading members of the group of pioneers who devoted their efforts to the conception of the architecture and all the TCP/IP protocols on which has been built the Internet.  In forefront and ahead of its time, a 72 years old Cerf positions itself on other issues, such as not understanding the claim of “right to forget” on the Internet, since it considers that faces the “right to know” and makes no sense technically; also he believes that the current television days are numbered and that television industry has to stop seeing the Internet as a threat when it really is a great opportunity.

He claims that all inhabitants of the planet should be able to be connected on the network, since they could to benefit all things; and in a book published recently co-authored by Cerf with David Nordfors, “Disrupting Unemployment” it is proposed to use technology and innovation to create jobs and improve job satisfaction of employees, and want to demonstrate that technology does not increase unemployment.

Currently Cerf imagines the world in 3015. He is focused on the momentum of what will be the next step in the network with Internet of Things and the creation of an interplanetary network, “InterPlanetNet” for extending the Internet into outer space.

The event, entirely in English, will be at 12 am at the Campus Conference Hall (c/ Lluçanés 43) RSVP at The next day Vinton Cerf will be invested Honoris Causa by the URL at the request of La Salle.


La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL offers new double degrees and presents them at the Education Fair in Barcelona 2016

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL will present its programmes for the academic year 2016-2017 at the Education Fair 2016, among which the creation of three new double degrees, combining engineering and business management. Today it is imperative to transfer technology to the requirements of the business world. A new management models is necessary, as it makes no sense to understand management without technological innovation. Aware of this requirement, La Salle-URL offers three dual degree programs which allow students to obtain two official university degrees in 5 ½ years. These degrees combine technological engineering education with business training and enable to identify business opportunities in the field of ICT and undertake innovative technology-based initiatives.

These new degrees are: Degree in Computer Engineering + Degree in Management of Business and Technology; Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering + Degree in Management of Business and Technology and Degree in IT Management + Degree in Management of Business and Technology. The finality of this initiative is to provide companies with people with a very unique professional profile for their fast incorporation into the workplace. There will also be information about the Degree in Animation & VFX, launched by La Salle-URL for the first time in this academic year with a full group, and with very high demand for the second year.

In addition, La Salle-URL provides a total of 8 Engineering programmes, all with 100% employability of students once they have completed their studies, and in many cases even earlier. These grades are Computer Engineering, Telematics Engineering, Telecommunication Systems Engineering, Electronics Engineering degree in Telecommunications (with a mention in Robotics from the previous year), Audiovisual Engineering, Engineering in the IT Management and Multimedia Engineering (mention in Video games).

In the field of Architecture, La Salle-URL offers a Degree in Architecture Studies and a Degree in Technical Architecture and Construction. The training offer is completed in the area of ​​business with the Degree in Management of Business and Technology.

La Salle-URL participates in the program Innotalent HP

Barcelona. Sant Cugat del Valles 28/09/15 - Hewlett Packard. Acto de graduación de la 4ª promoción Inno+Talent - Foto: Vicens Giménez/HP
Barcelona. Sant Cugat del Valles 28/09/15 – Hewlett Packard. Acto de graduación de la 4ª promoción Inno+Talent – Foto: Vicens Giménez/HP

In late September was held the graduation ceremony of the 59 students from the fourth edition of Innotalent, the training program of HP on which La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL collaborates. At the event, chaired by Lluís Torner, Director of the Institute of Photonic Sciences, participated also Josep Miquel Piqué, CEO of the Technology Park Technova de La Salle, among others.

La Salle Campus Barcelona collaborates with Leitat Technological Center in the program of talent search R & of HP, which offers a two years training at the International Centre of HP in Barcelona, with the aim of enhancing the talent of recent young graduates in advanced engineering and scientific careers through innovation and dual training, establishing good ties between universities and businesses and creating high added value jobs.

La Salle-URL provides to the program an academic training of 500 hours on the latest technologies and industry applications, as well as skills for project management. The training, held within the working hours of young people, allows them to validate the knowledge acquired as part of the Masters in Project Management that the university offers. Apart from this, young people work daily in HP Barcelona, close to the team of engineers and professionals from R & D and Operations departments in international projects.

The students finish the program turned into highly qualified professionals and join the workforce quickly. Many are hired by HP and the rest gets a job on a short delay.

The network of La Salle Mexico Universities for a country with justice and peace

universidadlasalleMexico lives in a constant state of alarm. Insecurity, violence, corruption and crime. These are the terms used by the Network of La Salle Mexico Universities in the manifesto “For a Mexico with justice and peace” to express the outrage due to the social situation faced by the citizens of the country. From La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, as a sister university, we support this cause. The solution supported by this group of universities is to “strengthen a comprehensive education, focusing not only on the professional area, but also on values ​​and humanity” such as “respect for the person’s dignity, honesty, justice, freedom and peace. Therefore, confirming their commitment to the training of professionals “who take responsibility and social commitment to promote the construction of a prosperous Mexico” despite the conflict in the country.

UOLS participates in the QPA project

uols-participa-en-el-proyecto-qpaThe QPA method has been launched as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, funded by the European Comission and focused on the needs of teaching and training within education and professional training. This programme approaches the problem of dropping out of school through an educational itinerary based on the learning processes in an intercultural context.

La Salle Open University is actively participating in the launching; contributing with its expertise as researcher in the field of technological learning platforms and the new teaching methodologies. This project also counts with the participation of La Salle centers from all over Europe. There are eight schools involved in Italy, two in Spain, one in France and one in Belgium, with a total of five-hundred students and close to seventy teachers involved.

In the image, the initial videoconference for the start of the project, with the participation of Lluís Vicent, Rector of UOLS, and August Climent, Secretary General of UOLS.