Teams from spain, Turkey and Egypt win the 7th edition of the international competition for pre-university students LSdreams

The 7th edition of the contest has just announced the winners of the LSdreams. The competition, an initiative of La Salle Universities, open to students pre-university Lasallian centers in Europe and the Middle East, between 16 and 20 years, has awarded not only four Spanish proposals (Valladolid, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza) but also teams from other countries like Egypt, Turkey, Palestine and France have won.

The main aim of the awards is to motivate the inclusion of ethical values in the development of research projects to improve their social environment. The winning projects address issues such as alternative energy, reuse of materials; architectural projects like tree-house or homes adapted to flying vehicles; and in health, nutrition in adolescents, preventing stroke and improving psychological care for children .
The projects submitted must pretend to improve their immediate environment, with innovative research and development projects in the fields of architecture, engineering, health, business management and life sciences and earth.
In this year’s competition five first prizes where awarded, a special prize and the prize LSdreams ASSEDIL (European Association of Lasallian Directors) and five honorable mentions. The first prize in the area of Engineering, has been awarded to the team from Collège de Saint-Marc Alexandrie, Egypt, the project “Oppressus.” The project aim is to use piezoelectric materials to obtain energy from foot traffic at airports, for example, to be used later in the electronic devices of these same users. It protects the environment and the planet for future generations. The team is composed of students Rafiky Raphael, Peter and Mark Moheb Micheal and his tutor Ihab Rouchdi.

In the area of architecture the jury this year decided to let the first prize desert and in exchange there where two honorable mentions:  one of the Second Prizes was for at the Collège Frères December, Jerusalem, Palestine, the project Avant Guard Air Tech. The project is developing a breakthrough technology or AGA® for them the next generation of hauses must include flying cars and will have to adapt to the new lifestyle that accompanies them, as well as the adaptation of old structures to this technology of flight. The other Second prize was awarded to the College de La Salle Paterna, the project Tree – House Project. The project is based on creating a business model tree-house for people without harming nature.

The first prize in the area of business management, was for St Joseph Fransiz Lisesi center of Kadikoy, Turkey, the project is titled “Nourished Education.” The project aims to meet the nutritional needs of students increasing environmental awareness and instilling the basic values to supplement their education. The team consists of the students, Ilayda Gokcen, Guray Sener, Deniz Çağlar Duman and his tutor Ebru Aktimur.

The first prize in the area of Health, has been awarded to the College Saint Jean-Baptiste from La Salle Valladolid, Spain, for the project “PLSMMA.” It takes advantage of technology to create an application that can provide the tools needed to counteract a heart attack. The team is composed by the students Claudia Garcia, Alejandro Campos and his tutor Fernando Álvarez de la Calle. The jury also decided to give in the same area of Health a second prize to the College of La Salle St. Angel Zaragoza, Spain, for the project “Diagnosis of psychological disorders”. The project is based on creating a trivia that helps children up to 16 years in the early diagnosis of psychological diseases, establishing a closer relationship with their doctor or psychologist.

In the area of Life Sciences and Earth there were two first prizes awarded: The jury has determined to award a first prize and the special prize LSdreams to La Salle Bonanova School in Barcelona, Spain, for his project “Reusing coffee as fertilizer”. The project involves the realization of an urban network for collecting coffee grounds from the various cafes in the city and then rezicle them as fertilizer in different allotments, gardens and parks in the city of Barcelona. The team is composed of the students Joan Alonso Alvarez, David Cobos Filloy and Ricard Casanovas and his tutor Ane San José Méndez. Moreover, the jury awarded first prize and the special prize ASSEDIL to the Michel Lisesi Fransiz of Instambul, Turkey, for his project “Energy for Providing Safe Mines”. The project involves the implementation of a lighting system inside the mines based on solar power source. This system significantly reduces costs and pollution from the usual forms of lighting based on fossil combustion engines. The team composed by the students Arinc Ayduran Utku, Asumla Ayduran and Saner Kerem Oney Volkan Gonen and his tutor.

In addition, the jury decided to award two honorable mentions in the area of Life Sciences and Earth: Second prize to the team from the Lycée Technique de l’École de La Salle, in Ales, France, for his project “Projet Ortho -Prothèse animale “. The project is based on creating an alternative to the treatment of sprain garreta horses using existing human orthopedic methods. This promotes functional recovery of the horse through the creation and production of a key adapted. Second prize was for the École des Frères in Bethlehem, the city of Bethlehem, Palestine, for his project “ReWired.” The project is based on the creation of electronic waste recycling centers, avoiding the need to send it to third countries, not only focusing on recycling and recovery but also finding new uses for these wastes. It also avoids the pollution from the constant use of massive electrical appliances.

The winners of the five first prizes will enjoy a four day stay in the French cities of Paris and Beauvais during which he presented his work at the ceremony that will take place on May 12 at campus UniLasalle Beauvais.

La Salle Universities launches the 7th edition of its international competition for pre-university students 

The universities of La Salle in Europe celebrate this year the 7th edition of LSdreams, a competition geared towards pre-university students of La Salle centers between 16 and 20 years old. Its main objective is to encourage the inclusion of ethical values in the development of research projects to improve their social environment.

LSdreams seeks to convey to students a number of values inherent in La Salle such as teamwork, innovation, creativity and problem solving. At the same time, it wants to promote the creation of vocations in the areas of knowledge that projects must be developed: Engineering, Architecture, Business Management, Health and Earth and Life Sciences, an added category in the previous edition that gave a very good result.


Students who wish to participate need to focus their project on improving their immediate environment and get organized into groups of three. Each of these groups will be supervised by a tutor from its center to guide them and help in the process.

In order to enhance the collaborative and international dimension of competition, also it is given the opportunity to participate in the form LSdreams joint project, which offers the option of cooperation between two teams from two different schools, from the same or different country. This type of collaboration will be taken into account in the final decision of the jury, where the best project in each of the five categories mentioned will be decided.

The winners in each category, along with his tutor, will present their project in the campus of UniLaSalle Beauvais, during a four-day trip to Paris-Beauvais (11, 12, 13 and May 14), in which they will also have the opportunity to visit the cultural wonders of the city. There will also be a Special LSdreams Award for the project that the jury consider the best among presented. This prize is an iPad mini for each member of the winning team and its tutor.

LS Dreams 2015 Awards ceremony

LSdreams 2015The fifth edition of the LS Dreams contest had place last Friday May 8th at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The event is an initiative of La Salle Universities, that is open to pre-university students from Lasallian centres in Europe and in the Middle East. The projects provide solutions to social problems through innovation in the areas of engineering, management, health and architecture. In total, this year more than 320 students where involved, divided into 127 teams and from 8 countries.
The winning proposals were from schools from Andoain and Valladolid in Spain, Jerusalem and Grappa (Italy). The members of each team came to Barcelona for four days as a reward for winning the contest. During their stay, they made several visits to the city and attended the awards ceremony. The complete list of the winning teams is as follows:
Best Project in Architecture category and LSdreams Special Prize: the group named “Sustainable designs” from Collège des Frères Jerusalem, Palestine. The team is composed of the students Blondine Rabadi and WassemTannous, and the tutor Amer Qaisy, and presented a proposal for the comprehensive improvement of the functioning of the urban space of the city of Jerusalem. This project was also the winner in absolute category.
– Best Project in the Management category and ASSEDIL-LSdreams Award: TAJ group, from Colegio La Salle Valladolid, Spain. The team is composed by the students Alejandro Garcia de Leaniz y Peña, Javier Arcos Hernandez and Teresa Victoria Gómez Madrid, and the tutor Aranzazu Levy Chamorro. The project consists of a business plan for a manufacturing company of furniture made of recycled cardboard.
– Best Project in the Health category: Live Ideak group, from La Salle Berrozpe of Andoain (Spain). The team is composed of the students Mikel Arrikarte Aramendia, Oier Alonso Mate and Jonathan Arizala Vicente, and the tutor Iñigo Amenabar Aranburu. The team proposes the development of a prototype wheelchair controlled by a mouthpiece, which follows the movements of the tongue.
– Best Project in the Engineering category: EIF group, from the Filippin Institute, Paderno del Grappa (Italy).The team consists of the students Benedetta Forlin, Francesco Galeazzi and Francesco Val, and the tutor Alan Begliorgio. The proposal builds on an application for mobile devices to help dyslexic people.
The aim of the competition is to encourage young people’s sensitivity and capacity for reflection on the moral and ethical implications in the four areas of knowledge offered by the organization. The projects submitted should try to improve their immediate environment, with innovative research and development projects in the fields of architecture, engineering, health and business management. A total of 127 teams from eight different countries participated in this fifth edition: Spain, Italy, Palestine, France, Lebanon, Portugal, Egypt and Turkey.

43% increase in the number of teams registered for the 5th edition of LSdreams competition

LSDREAMSLa Salle Universities started the 5th edition of LSdreams competition with a videoconference with all participants. This edition has experienced an increase of 42,8%. So far a total of 120 teams and 320 participants have registered. There has also been an increase of 62,5% in the number of participating centers. With these numbers, the consolidation of the international competition is clear, due to the participation of teams from other European countries and, specifically, from the Middle East. LSdreams rewards pre-university students from the RELEM region of La Salle who have developed a project to improve their social environment from one of the areas of knowledge of La Salle (Engineering, Architecture, Management and Health), and with the supervision of a tutor. During next week, the adventure begins for participants.

Students from the school La Salle in Alexandria win LSdreams 2014

LSdreams contestAn engineering project presented by four students of the Collège Saint Marc in Alexandria  (Egypt) won the Special Prize of the fourth edition of the LSdreams competition. The competition organized by La Salle counted with the participation of 84 teams from different Lasallian schools in Europe and the Middle East.

The awards ceremony took place on the 3rd  May in Rome where it coincided with the celebration of the 45th General Chapter of The Brothers of the Christian Schools, held this days in the Italian capital. The event included the participation of students awarded in the different categories: Engineering, Management and Health, as well as the ASSEDIL award.

The complete list of the winning teams is as follows:

All the young students who attended the awards ceremony traveled with their tutors, enjoying a four days stay in Rome. Members of the LSdreams 2014 Special Prize participated online from Egypt and were invited to travel to the university center of La Salle in Barcelona to collect their trophy.

LSdreams is an initiative promoted by the universities of La Salle in Europe. For the fourth year, this international competition invites high school students from hundreds of schools of La Salle in Europe and the Middle East to create a project to improve their local environment and to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

RACC renews the collaboration agreement with La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL

RACC_RETICULAThe Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC) and La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL renewed the collaboration agreement for another year. The renewal was signed by the Director General of RACC, Josep Mateu Negre, and the Director General of La Salle Campus Barcelona – URLJosep M. Santos, with the finality of continuing the collaboration between the two institutions, allowing La Salle – URL to offer RACC  products and services to students with special conditions.
RACC offers the RAKK 4u Traveller card for free for a year (PVP 18,80 €) to La Salle students under 29 years of age.

The RAKK 4u Traveller card includes medical assistance on travel, urgent repatriation by medically equipped helicopter and airplane, recovery of luggage and passports and any other kind of personal travel assistance all over the world. The RAKK 4u card also provides discounts in multiple establishments and the possibility of wining exclusive gifts only for members. RACC also sponsors the LSdreams  competition for the second year.

Alumnos del colegio de La Salle de Jerusalen ganan LSdreams 2013

LSdreams_ganadores2013Un proyecto arquitectónico presentado por cuatro alumnos del Collège des Frères de Jerusalén (Palestina) ha ganado la tercera del concurso LSdreams. Se trata de un trabajo muy exhaustivo que propone la rehabilitación del propio centro educativo en territorio palestino, siguiendo criterios de eficiencia energética.

El acto entrega de premios tuvo lugar el pasado 5 de abril en La Salle Campus Barcelona – URL con la participación de cuatro de los cinco equipos premiados en las distintas categorías: Arquitectura, Ingeniería, Gestión y Salud, así como el premio ASSEDIL y el gran Premio Extraordinario LSdreams que recayó en los estudiantes palestinos.
La relación completa de equipos ganadores por categorías es la siguiente:

Todos los jóvenes premiados, que asistieron a esta ceremonia oficial viajaron acompañados de sus tutores, disfrutaron de una estancia de tres días en Barcelona donde tuvieron ocasión de conocer el centro universitario de La Salle en la capital catalana. Además, pudieron conocer algunos de los sitios más emblemáticos de la ciudad mediterránea.

LSdreams es una iniciativa promovida por los centros universitarios de La Salle en Madrid y Barcelona así como la Open University de La Salle. Este concurso internacional va dirigido a los alumnos de bachillerato de los centenares de colegios que La Salle tiene en Europa y Oriente Medio.

Recuerda a los ganadores de la pasada edición de LSdreams 2012

Un trabajo en el área de ingeniería presentado por alumnos del colegio La Salle Santo Ángel de Zaragoza obtiene el premio extraordinario LSdreams. El proyecto ganador de la presente edición de este concurso internacional para estudiantes de Bachillerato ha sido presentado por el grupo aragonés “Los cuatro magníficos” y ha contado con la tutela de la profesora Pilar Pascual.

Su propuesta tiene como objetivo mejorar la sostenibilidad del planeta desde un punto de vista local, cercano al territorio de procedencia de los participantes. El Jurado honorífico ha concluido que este trabajo es sencillamente espectacular, tanto en la idea como en la redacción, planificación y ejecución del proyecto.

El pasado 26 de marzo se celebró en La Salle Campus Madrid el acto oficial de entrega de premios a los tres grupos galardonados. Así, un canal de televisión creado por alumnos del colegio La Salle Mollerussa (premio ASSEDIL) y un trabajo sobre el ciclo de vida del agua ideado por estudiantes del colegio La Salle de Palma de Mallorca completaron el podio de la edición 2012 de esta iniciativa educativa que acerca el mundo universitario a alumnos de Bachillerato de toda Europa.

La iniciativa LSdreams promovida por la marca universitaria internacional de La Salle ha cerrado su segunda edición con un balance muy positivo. 25 proyectos fueron presentados, de los cuales 17 llegaron a completar todos los entregables que requerían las bases del concurso.

El Jurado honorífico de esta 2ª. Edición del proyecto, presidido por el Hno. Jacques d’Huiteau, consejero delegado de la Región Lasaliana Europa Mediterráneo (RELEM) y formado por:

Hno. Jesús Miguel Zamora, visitador de La Salle en España y Portugal (ARLEP)
Hno. Pedro Luis Rodríguez, presidente de La Salle Campus Madrid
Hno. Miquel Àngel Barrabeig, presidente de La Salle Campus Barcelona
Hno. Josep Guiteras, visitador auxiliar de La Salle Catalunya
Dr. Lluís Vicent, rector de la Universidad Abierta de La Salle
Sr. Paolo Tacchi, presidente de la ”Association Européenne des Directeurs de Centres Scolaires Lassalliens” (ASSEDIL)

La Salle Universities convoca a miles de estudiantes pre-universitarios europeos para mejorar la sostenibilidad del planeta

LSdreams_LaSalle2012Llega la segunda edición de LSdreams, una iniciativa internacional dirigida a los alumnos de bachillerato de los 365 colegios que La Salle tienen en Europa y Oriente Medio. De éstos, 72 centros educativos están en España.
LSdreams es un concurso que pretende favorecer la evolución hacia un planeta más sostenible. Su propósito es buscar estudiantes pre-universitarios de La Salle en Europa que quieran desarrollar un proyecto relacionado con esta temática.
LSdreams quiere promover la creación de vocaciones en los ámbitos de la Ingeniería, Arquitectura, Gestión Empresarial y Salud. Y, al mismo tiempo, transmitir a los estudiantes una serie de valores inherentes a La Salle como el trabajo en equipo, la innovación, la creatividad y la resolución de problemas.

El jurado del concurso seleccionará la mejor propuesta de cada uno de los cuatro ámbitos de conocimiento, que será premiada con un viaje de cuatro días a Madrid y Barcelona con todos los gastos de alojamiento pagados. Durante su estancia visitarán las instalaciones de La Salle Campus Barcelona y La Salle Campus Madrid. Además, se concederá un premio extraordinario entre los cuatro proyectos ganadores. Cada uno de los miembros del equipo reconocido con esta máxima distinción recibirá un iPad; el profesor que haya coordinado este trabajo también recibirá una unidad del mismo modelo de tableta electrónica.
Las inscripciones se podrán realizar antes del 7 de Noviembre de 2011 en la web oficial de LSdreams.

Los sueños de La Salle

LSdreams_LaSalle2010Con el nombre LSdreams los centros universitarios del distrito ARLEP han promovido un concurso entre los estudiantes preuniversitarios de los centros de La Salle en Europa que ha sido tutorizado desde la Universidad Abierta La Salle (OULS).

El jurado ha valorado el cumplimiento de las fases de construcción de projectos de mejora del entorno próximo a los centros.

En esta primera convocatoria han participado equipos de Jordania, Jerusalén Bélgica, España, Andorra  y Portugal.

Un trabajo especialmente destacado lo ha realizado un grupo de estudiantes de La Salle Buen Pastor de Jerez de la Frontera cuyo video de presentación se puede ver en La Salle Jerez dreams.