La Salle-URL commitment to internationalization of its programs and new methodology Learning by Challenge

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL presents in the Catalan education fair ‘Saló de l’Ensenyament 2017’ its training offer for 2017-18, which highlights internationalization increasing its offer in studies 100% in English and the addition of two three-year new degrees in Computer Science and Multimedia.

For the academic year 2017-18 one of the most important programs is the new Degree in Computer Engineering 100% in English. This is the only degree program in Barcelona that will provide the needed knowledge and skills to cope with the new demands of the international computer industry and global economy, and will include two stages that will bring real international experience of global culture and economy. La Salle also offers the possibility of studying other programs in English, as in the case of Degrees in Architecture, Animation & VFX and Management of Business and Technology, where students can choose to study entirely in English from the beginning.

The other big news for next year is a double degree that combines the Degree in Computer Engineering -entirely in English- with the Degree in Management of Business and Technology. This will allow to get in 5.5 years both official degrees and have a global training in the two main fields of projected growth. The aim of this initiative is to provide businesses people with a unique professional profile to facilitate their rapid incorporation into the workplace. Degree in Management of Business and Technology can also be taken independently.

La Salle undergraduate range of courses that will be presented at the Education Fair ‘Saló de l’Ensenyament’ is completed with two degrees in Architecture and Construction, a Degree in Animation & VFX -which will reach its third edition the upcoming course-, as well as a total of seven engineering degrees, among them Degree in Multimedia Engineering (Videogames mention) -which celebrates 20 years since its creation-, Degree in Electronic Engineering (Robotics mention), as well as other degrees in the fields of Computer Science, Telematics, Telecommunications, ICT and Audio-visual.

A new methodology: Learning by Challenge

La Salle-URL applies an innovative new methodology, Learning by Challenge, which enables students to acquire skills and knowledge through solving real challenges posed by companies, institutions or organizations with an interdisciplinary approach, cross-cutting interlinked areas and thus facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology. The idea is that students of La Salle can be able to be innovative, creative and implement solutions to real problems.

Innovation and technology, La Salle’s DNA

Technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and internationality are the basic elements that define the DNA of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The university trains students to lead the change in a global world. The vast majority of students now entering the university will probably work in a profession that doesn’t exist yet and for companies that have not yet been created. At La Salle their skills in these areas will be enhanced so they can take on the challenges of tomorrow with guarantees of success.

La Salle-URL makes a commitment to technology, which is present not only in the technological programs such as the ones in Management in Business or ICT, but also to all the other degrees. New technologies are the engine of change and La Salle-URL prepares students to work with the latest technologies, and to create and develop the technologies of tomorrow.

La Salle also promotes the development of innovation for the creation of new business projects through La Salle Technova Barcelona, the innovation park on campus offering start-up accelerator and incubator services whose can benefit all students. In 2016 La Salle Technova Barcelona was among the Top 10 of European accelerators by the European Accelerator Report.


“You have to be passionate, because it is a trade that does not know about days or hours, you have to work hard and stay motivated”

Carole Hart studied La Salle-URL’s MDPM (Master in Design and Multimedia Content Production). Since then, her life has changed and is now a successful entrepreneur who has managed to pull forward a family business: an advertising agency in the Dominican Republic that bears her surname, Hart. She is currently its managing director.

Carole told us she decided to study in Barcelona because his father had studied in the city and told her how interesting was. In addition, she researched on her own and became fascinated by its cultural richness. As for La Salle, she was doing internet searches and discovered it offered programs that interested her and that in addition it had prestige.

Personally and professionally to study in Barcelona was an experience that marked a turning point in her life. It was her window to the world: she met people from different countries, made friendships that still retains today all over the planet. She learned to live alone, but above all was a source of inspiration and knowledge that prompted her to create her own business in her country. Hart says that Barcelona is second home to her, and La Salle a very special place where she started the foundation of her professional life.

Carole opted for Europe and not Latin America not just because she wanted to discover the world, leaving the known, besides thinking in Europe as an ideal place, with a lot of history and great art.
At work she learned many things in La Salle and in Europe were implemented but not yet in her country, so it was for her a great advantage that opened opportunities.

A year after arriving at Barcelona and after had been working in a large multinational company established in her country, she decided to undertake and create the ‘Hart agency’ in association with her family. It is now 13 years working together.

As an entrepreneur initially had to perform multiple functions, but with hard work, a clear vision of where she was going, and the adequate preparation, the company started to grow, and found excellent collaborators who began joining the team. Bringing her talent in key areas has allowed her to evolve organically into a more focused position in leadership and general supervision, while maintaining a commitment to be updated to guide and inspire the team to get its best version on each project.

Among the functions of Hart as managing director of the agency, in which she is also a partner, the general supervision of projects and processes of the agency are to ensure customer satisfaction and profitability. In addition she is also responsible for developing key strategies and guidelines for the creative department. Finally, she is also responsible for business opportunities and devise action plans.

Now sees a clear need to update to new technologies and tools applied in the area of communication. Likewise she also thinks there is a lack of understanding of the new consumer trends, which is necessary to organize and draw good business strategies.

Hart also gives a number of tips that should be taken into account when someone with entrepreneurial concerns embarks on the adventure:
Never skimp on knowledge and constant training, always keep learning. It should also be noted that in this business the most valuable thing is the people and must be cared for, motivated and supported, so that they can develop and deliver the large company results.

Finally you have to feel passion, because it is a trade that does not have days or hours, you have to work hard and stay motivated… and that, only it is only achieved when you love what you do.


New Multimedia & Video Games contest for a scholarship in the Degree of La Salle-URL

flyer_concurs_multimèdiavideojocs4-1La Salle-URL has launched the Multimedia & Video Contest. Registration is open from March 9th coinciding with the celebration of Saló de l’Ensenyament (the main education fair in Barcelona) and participants can send the material until June 20th, 2016. The contest will award the best video game design work that will receive a 30% discount for the enrollment in the Degree in Multimedia Engineering of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL for the course 2016-2017. Participants must present a document from the template provided, conceptualizing a video game design. The best work will be selected by the jury considering the following criteria: originality, game design, world design, audio design and user interface. The jury is chaired by Emiliano Labrador, Director of the Master in Multimedia Creation (MCM) and professor of Gamedesign in the Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Engineering of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL. The jury will also be composed by professionals of the video game industry. You can find more information on the contest rules in our website.

La Salle-URL will take part in the Fun&Serious Game Festival

SERIOUS GAMESLa Salle-URL is a sponsor of the largest video game festival in Europe, Fun & Serious Game Festival, which will take place from the 27th to the 29th of November in Bilbao and this year the campus will be actively involved.
The university will have a stand to inform about the degrees in Multimedia and Animation&VFX. Furthermore, La Salle will also participate in a workshop in the Fun Zone Academy for attendees, under the title: “What crosses a designer’s mind when creating a game?” The workshop, led by professors Eva Villegas and Emiliano Labrador, will be held on Saturday 28th at 16.30 and will be based on the interaction with the audience and on the study of the playability, design and game mechanics. The speakers will ask the attendants to download some free games trying to capture the user’s perception and complete group dynamics.
Multimedia students of La Salle-URL will also present a project in front of the greatest professionals of the sector. The last day of the festival will be the gala where prizes will be given to the best project presented by the students. Emiliano Labrador, Professor and Director of the Master in Multimedia and Creation and Serious Games (MCM) will be part of the jury. In addition, our students and representatives of La Salle-URL also have a great opportunity to connect with start-ups, investors and media in the TALENT DAY space, in the Networking area.
The festival is organized by themes, with the biggest eSports tournaments show in northern Spain, by the hand of the prestigious ESL and with an area of ​​Indie Games and Comics vs. Games.  In this year’s edition, the organization has the largest international influencers in creative industries and, like last year, an attendance of about 20,000 people is expected.
Ticket sales for the Fun & Serious Game Festival the biggest event of the sector in Europe is now open.

New university studies in technology for graduates of Higher Vocational Training

Bachelors in computers and multimediaLa Salle offers two new Bachelors in Computers and Multimedia exclusively designed for Higher Vocational Training graduates (DAM, DAW, DAI, ASIX and A3DJEI), offering the possibility of having subjects in their curriculum recognized.
Bachelor is the word used in the rest of Europe and other countries to name the first level of university studies equivalent to what we know in our country as Degree.
The duration of a Bachelor is 3 years. In addition, the Bachelors of La Salle award a double degree: Official European Bachelor through the La Salle Open University* and a private diploma through La Salle-URL. Therefore, the Bachelors give access to official European university master.
The teaching methodology is based on “learning by doing”, with the use of professional tools and applications and a mixed faculty of professionals active in the sector and academics.
Studies are face-to-face and the schedules are compatible with work (17:00 to 21:30h), at the university of La Salle in Barcelona. In the case of the Computers Bachelor a blended format is also offered.
* Multimedia’s official title is awaiting approval.